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  1. Depending on what pickups you replace them with, it could make a little or a lot of difference. The switches and pots are unlikely to make much difference in tone; replacing them would be more for functional improvements, for example if you wanted a different taper on the volume or tone pots. My Epiphone Lucille is completely stock, and I've found no need to replace anything on it.
  2. What kind of amp are you using? I have a couple of late-90's Epiphones with stock humbuckers and also a couple of semi-hollow guitars made by Samick (who made the Sheratons in that era), and have not experienced the unwanted breakup and muddiness you describe.
  3. The Emperor Thinline has a bridge mounted directly to the top, rather than on a wooden base as the full depth one has. Therefore you need a Bigsby B-7, B-70 or B-700 with the tension bar. This model was specifically designed for thinline electrics with a bridge mounted to the top. The other models with no tension bar will not have sufficient break angle. Here's a pic of the style you need:
  4. Intonation issues are almost always more to do with the nut slots or bridge slots being too tight and binding the strings. It's very rare for the tuning machines to be at fault.
  5. Natural or not, my D'Angelico EXL1 is the most beautiful guitar I've ever seen.
  6. I own a 2001 Samick-made Joe Pass Emperor II, and it is one of my favorite guitars ever. I have played a few others --- both pre-Joe Pass and Joe Pass models --- and the only significant differences were the location of the pickup selector switch. A few years ago I saw a more recent Chinese made Joe Pass in a local Guitar Center, and was disappointed to see the body had much less of an arched top than any of the ones I was familiar with --- cost-cutting measures, no doubt. Nonetheless, the new ProBucker pickups are very good, and the coil-splitting features on the newer Pro models are ve
  7. There is substantial evidence that Epiphone Zakk Wylde models were indeed counterfeited.
  8. Dang! Just when I thought I was over my GAS. The Mojave Burst and Wild Ivy are tempting as hell!
  9. I saw a show last night on AXS featuring a live concert by Ringo Starr and the Roundheads. Bassist Matt Bissonette was playing an Epiphone Viola Bass for almost the entire show. Sounded great!
  10. I have to get a little pedantic here --- your Casinos are not really 335 style guitars, as they share basic concepts with the 330, The major differences are as follows: .......................330/Casino.........335/Dot/Sheraton Body Construction......Fully Hollow.......Semi-Hollow with center block Pickups................P-90's.............Humbuckers or Mini-Humbuckers Neck-Body joint........16th Fret..........19th fret The 330, Casino and 335 all have mahogany necks, while the Sheraton usually has a laminated maple neck, which gives it a somewhat stiffer feel and brighter to
  11. Congratulations on a sweet-looking axe! PLay it in good health!
  12. Um, first learn the difference between photoflame and actual wood veneer.
  13. Here ya go everyone --- Any time Revolution Six (or any other trolls, for that matter) posts one of his inane comments designed to provoke a response, you can just post this in response. Does no harm, and makes you feel better! Try it!
  14. I don't believe any of the 90's Emperors (Joe Pass or otherwise) came with a stock bone nut. Someone could have added it since then, though.
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