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Don't know if I ever did this when I joined a couple years ago, but here goes....

Still learning to play, but an avid and passionate collector. I had several LPs over the last 20 years, but was "Paul-less" in 2014. I had quite a few Strats, but was missing that unmistakable tone of LP/PAF magic. I sold off some Strats, and started buying LPs, first a Studio Lite, then a Trad Pro and just kept going to the Historics. I am fortunate enough to have three Kalamazoo Gibsons, including my 335. Actually went through fourteen LPs, but think I'm set now with my current collection (famous last words - LOL). I'll showcase some of them as time allows.


Oh, almost forgot, I love '50s Gibson amps too! I collected a bunch of them back in the '90s, before the prices starting climbing. Folks are now realizing that they were almost identical to their contemporary Fender tweed amps, and much more affordable!

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