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It definitely has some Mojo. The guy I got it off was a singer songwriter of some note who had gigged and recorded with it. He had it for twenty odd years and he got it off a name player who had bought it in the States, it was all original then except the serial number had been scraped out indicating that it may have been stolen at some time, probably early in its life in the USA.


The previous owner had the inline tuners changed for Schallers and had the bridge assembly changed to the hideous one that is on it now (anyone know what make that is?). Also the frets were changed for Gibson jumbo.


It plays great and has beautiful sweet sustain and the tone of the pick ups are amazing, very sweet and very unusual, there is a marked difference between these and other P90s that I have.

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anyone know what make that is?).


Its the Schaller "clone" of the Leo Quan Badass






They make a version that has "TP-6" like fine tuners too







Here's a Leo Quan "Badass" LP Jr Bridge - from the 70's




They were a popular replacement - since you could finally intonate the guitar accurately using it



The Gibson factory wrap around bridge with raised string ridges ( circa 1960-1972) was just designed by Gibson to be a low budget part - but over the years it was developed a mojo culture of worship.


My Favorite replacement bridge for these guitars is below: - it still has vintage look from a distance - but has some adjustment so you can actually have a playable instrument. the Gotoh Wilkinson version here




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