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Epi AJ45


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I happened upon this video one of the better ones out there for acoustic sound of the AJ45, in case anyone is looking for a representation.


I just got an Epi Hummingbird from year 2010, solid top no electronic pick up from a thrift store below $200 with gig bag. It was kind of mis treated, has a few dings and needed a set up with new saddle, strings and nut adjustment. Did it myself and its a real player with great tone. Short scale too.


Anyway here is the video of the AJ45


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I went to play the new AJ45 and compare it to my non electric Hummingbird at local store. One thing that struck me was the AJ45 was heavy in weight. Why that would be who knows? Electronics wouldn't weigh that much. It felt even a bit heavier than the Hummingbird I have.


Tone was warm, more punchy mids, - but my Hummingbird while sounding a touch brighter, hung right in there tone wise.


The neck was nice satin about the same profile to my bird. I just took off some of the shine gloss off the back of the neck to my bird to get a satin feel. Used 0000 steel wool.

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