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Gibson L6 Deluxe or I think it is...


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Very nice too - exactly like the one I used to have....my 1st Gibson!

Lucky you have the original Bill Lawrence pups in it.


I bought mine in the late 80s for £200(GBP - I'm in UK) and sold some yrs later for £300. ](*,)


Now a very similar one is on ebay UK for £1285 which is too high - seller probably won't get that much as pups have been changed.




Plus there are some wrecks on ebay USA much cheaper, and a black one for about £585 (US$756).


About £750 ($970) for yours I'd say.

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Wow thats more than I expected! I dislike going through ebay though because I have had issues with selling on there recently. People abuse the buyer protection policy and I rather not get enough with that again. Especially for that amount of money. Do you suggest pawn shops or guitar stores ? PS: I also have the purple velvet hardshell too.

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I am in the UK so can't really advise you very well, as we don't have pawn shops over here really!

The thing with selling to either a pawn shop or a guitar shop is they will give you a much lower price than a private sale.

However some guitar shops will sell it for you (think this is called 'consignment'?) and take a cut.

And I bet they'd tell you a lower estimated price. The reason I said that price is that it looks all original, unmodded...and it turns out you have the case too.

I'd make you an offer if I was in the USA. I can't afford it, don't need it but as I had one before.....[love]


Good luck!

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