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  1. Ahem...FTFY. Tsk tsk Mr Reef!! "Make It With You" - Bread
  2. Very nice too! "I thought about it a little bit and I'm going to bribe myself with something a bit more upscale than another Firebird V". P.S. I always remember Chuck with an ES-355, cherry or wine red with a Vibrola.....I saw him back in '79. The one and only...
  3. I use 11 to 48 (or 49), the G is usually an 0.18 plain which is quite bendable once you have worked a bit. Best I've ever used are DR Handmade Blues. Tapewound/flatwound strings are also a good option, usually have a wound G but long-lasting and have a great feel and tone when you get into it. For these Thomastik-Infeld are amazing but D'Addario are cheaper and well worth trying. Keeping intonation; note the position of each end of the bridge in relation to the f-hole, it should be near the wide point. Many (but not all) f-hole guitars are designed so the bridge lines up with the wide bit of the f-hole. Use that and the bridge posts as your guide. If you remove all the strings to clean, when putting new ones on, do the low and high E strings first which will hold the bridge on. In the past I've also glued a thin strip of felt to the underside of the bridge to cushion it when you adjust it with the strings on. Basically all you can do is intonate the 2 E strings and hope the rest will line-up ok. When you get it right, it is worth making a mental note of the (approx) string length measurement from tailpiece to bridge too. Another tip is to measure the distance from nut to 12th fret; it should be the same distance from the 12th fret to where you place the guitar bridge. Best wishes.
  4. I thankyou..........they are a bit pricey though. Think I'd need a matching amp mac for my guitar case mac. Of course (cut-glass English accent) one would prefer Burberry, naturally...... ........but I've got some old black plastic garden sheeting out in the shed and a roll of gaffa tape. Goodnight!
  5. There are 10 Marshall heads there. Owning one of those - and one of the cabs - would be pretty awesome. With my present finances, I'd settle for his Boss Heavy Metal pedal or the Bluesbreaker.
  6. Well...... http://www.coloradocase.com/guitar-2.html
  7. "Defecting Grey" - The Pretty Things The Pretty Things finally called it a day last year with their last performance. One of England's more notorious bands of the early 1960s, they were also one of the most innovative, with their stunning concept LP "S.F.Sorrow" pre-dating the Who and "Tommy". This single, a fine example of their originality, didn't sell well but it is absolutely definitive 60s psychedelia.
  8. Yes I read about his passing. I remember them too, "Time Has Come Today" - still relevant really isn't it? R.I.P.
  9. Anything like one of these? https://www.google.com/search?q=Gibson+Tenor+Guitar&client=firefox-b-d&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiS96Ca1J7lAhUVsHEKHSHmDNIQ_AUIEigC&biw=1920&bih=1086
  10. Yup. Best wishes. Doctor is right - quit pipe.....mouth cancer, ugh. Do you take statins?
  11. jdgm

    New amp

    Very good deal. In the late 70s - early 80s I had a 4x10 50w Peavey Classic combo, VT (hybrid) with phaser and that 4-way footswitch which had its own special socket. It was an excellent amp, well built and a bit darker than a Fender. Wish I still had it. 👍
  12. Very nice, simple layout...another 'keeper'?
  13. "Kid Logic" - Victor Bailey R.I.P. Victor - a truly great bass player.
  14. https://www.farmersalmanac.com/music-on-mars-nasa-67459
  15. Baker said he got the idea from seeing Duke Ellington's drummer with a twin bass drum kit. This may have been Sam Woodyard. Louis Bellson also had 2 bass drums at one point.
  16. Despite Murph's well-researched and knowledgeable opinion ...... P90s are fine pickups, which may be why they are still produced by Gibson and various custom pickup manufacturers. Received wisdom; a single coil pickup reproduces more of the harmonic content than a humbucker, which cancels some out while doing it's hum-reducing job. So P90s have a bite and audible clean-tone sparkle that humbuckers don't quite reproduce. However, they hum (or buzz) when used for overdriven/distorted tones, and they generally have much lower output than humbuckers. If you don't already have a guitar with P90s then consider the 2018. But you really must play both. Before Gibson adopted the Seth Lover-designed humbucker around 1955, P90s were standard for Gibson electrics. This was also before transistors, so guitar amps were much smaller and lower wattage, powered by valves/tubes and designed for clean tones. P90s worked fine in that situation. A few famous P90s users included Les Paul, Kenny Burrell, Scotty Moore and - much later - Angus Young. If you play loud and distorted enough you probably won't mind the hum, especially if you have some sort of noise gate in your chain. Forum members please correct me if I am wrong; you may know all of this already Dallas, so apologies if I seem patronising. Good luck with it anyway.
  17. You could try this: hit the arrow button. It looks good - i.e. real - to me but I'm no expert and the label raises questions, as noted by @thornev. If you take the truss rod cover off, has part of the truss rod nut been machine-filed away?
  18. Hi Jack Re-post this in the acoustic section and you may well get more replies. Looks very nice from here! Good luck.
  19. "One Room Country Shack" - composed by Mercy Dee Walton, great versions by Buddy Guy, Mose Allison 🎸🎹
  20. That's a nice looker GG....simple and (even these days) slightly futuristic. Perfect colour match - a chrome pickup cover might be too much.
  21. Yes, that must be a first, certainly has never happened before. And Frank Sinatra called “Something” "the greatest love song of the past 50 years." Lennon said it was the best song on the album. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Something_(Beatles_song)
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