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  1. Wow....congrats on getting all that done. The bookmatch looks like a computer game demon!
  2. I'm for handle bars. As in the pic by @mihcmac - yeah nice, making me really wish I hadn't sold that L-6S and case now! They should have given the new ones the handlebar IMO, it's become a classic design. What sometimes failed on those original cases were the nylon hinges of the closures/clasps, and if that happened there was no replacement other than some sort of steel hinge or a new conventional metal clasp. But like anything - treat it well and it will last. Though I wonder if the new ones are as sturdily built as the old ones.....
  3. Picking hand mitten mutes are a new marketing area to be explored.
  4. Have you found a new place too? I think Sgt's post about the new US holiday may have been construed as potentially political....think the vaccine thread has also gone now.
  5. My 1st ever Gibson was an L-6S Deluxe which came in one of the old chainsaw cases. Should have kept it, of course!
  6. "Indian Summer" - Frank Sinatra and others, guitar versions by Wes M, Jim Hall
  7. The stop tailpiece will be aluminium or metal but not brass. I can't be entirely sure that what I suggested in my post above is what has happened (without more good close-up pics), but I can't imagine what else it could be. Anyone?
  8. Hello and welcome to the Forum Nice looking LP!
  9. My apologies - I'm sure it's a good guitar but it's a difficult shape for a flag finish. What's the tremelo? Arm looks like a Kahler...? And...what else you got?
  10. From the pic it looks as if the covers are brass and the chrome or nickel plating - which is microscopically thin - has come off....which is what often happens with Gibson gold plating - it's so thin it doesn't last. Hope someone else can comment on this?
  11. Got any stereo pedals?
  12. I remember Master Tracks Pro!! That was good on my Atari ST1040, back in the day! I understand that RealBand (bundled with BIAB) is a sort of customised updated version of it? I should get a DAW/ interface, but - I'm not writing anything these days. What made me happy today: 1) weight down to 12st 1lb 2) Good cool swim this morning - very hot today in the UK 3) Best thing - the planning application for a big block of 28 flats and underground car park on the (small, narrow) plot of land behind my estate has been unanimously rejected by the council planning committee. 👍T
  13. "Drowning in the Sea of Love" - Joe Simon
  14. Here in the UK we have a German-owned supermarket chain called Lidl. They sell power tools which are branded Parkside and these are a cheaper Bosch line made specially for Lidl (afaik). I recently bought a f***in' great hammer drill, complete in carry case with 2 big sharp chisels and 2 drill bits at an unmissable price - I've got some concrete and rubble to break up in my garden. Buying the drill is cheaper than renting a big power tool for a few days. Then there's the cordless soldering iron I haven't used yet but I couldn't pass that up, the Dremel-like motor tool and box of ex
  15. Jesse Ed Davis deserves a nod . He certainly does! People think it's Cooder playing slide on that track but - it's Jesse. Beautiful guitar playing through a Leslie on Taj's "Giant Step" LP, too.
  16. You'll get them eventually. They start at your armpits.
  17. A lot of options. I was using an Xotic AC+ with one side for boost and the other on full dirt, plus a VS Route 66 which is a pretty good TS clone. When I get back to gigging it'll be with a KOT and a Rat. Depends on what you need. I need a near-clean boost, a TS-style OD and occasionally a full distortion. Then you can stack 'em and that's fun too. A lot of people like the Fulltone OCD though I'm not familiar with it.
  18. I don't know but if that's meant to be a Union Jack, the thin red stripes and the thick side-to-side one are positioned wrongly on the white background stripes. The designer has shortened the red stripe on the upper bout to line up with the pickup surrounds. Pedantic but I'm English. So I hope there are only 50 of them!!
  19. Sounds as if your guitar needs a good set-up. And the vibrato needs oil or vaseline to loosen it up a bit. There is currently another forum member experiencing the same problem -
  20. I would have loved to see Jimmy Rogers. One of my favourites. He wrote some of the great blues numbers. He had a killer rhythm guitar tone on the Chess records, which probably came from some beat-up old guitar and a tiny valve amp. I've never been able to mimic it exactly - there's a huge amount of midrange and some distortion.
  21. Condolences and commiserations to you Sparquelito. My Dad was a heavy smoker; it thickens the blood and the walls of the arteries get thinner. By the time he was 70 his blood was clotting in less than 10 seconds (normal is 23-30 secs I believe). Can you imagine the strain on the heart? He died at 72, during a heart op; massive arterial aneurism. I finally quit tobacco completely in 2013.
  22. "Water Wheel" - Ralph Towner / Oregon
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