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  1. The image I found and posted has been so toned/sharpened/colorised/filtered/shrunk etc etc that you need to see more and better ones to have an idea - https://www.google.com/search?sa=X&source=univ&tbm=isch&q=Hendrix+Newport+69+Devonshire+Downs+images&client=firefox-b-d&ved=2ahUKEwjx9uSelpnrAhWUQEEAHTs3AzsQsAR6BAgJEAE&biw=1920&bih=1086 A famous gig - he played on 1st day and something went wrong so came back the next, big jam, white Strat, Eric Burdon. And so on. Thread hijack so fair enough: 1 - Quality - ease of playing due to shorter scale than Fender (important!) - I always wanted a good one 2 - Most of them especially the archtop jazz guitars 3 - Tempted to say Hendrix as he had a Flying V but these days too many to choose - Wes, Steve Khan, Jim Hall - most jazz players go through a Gibson period. B.B.King was (IS) the quintessential Gibson guitar player IMO. 4 - I own more than one Am in UK and have been playing for 45 years. Over 60, reasonably fit but beginning to have muscle and tendon/nerve problems in hands. In 2 bands, gigged regularly until pandem-onium began.
  2. But.....didn't EVH assemble his original guitars himself as cheaply as he could? Wasn't that the whole point?
  3. Wise decision. The enlarged pic you posted shows it at its worst. It's not pretty but probably less noticeable to others than you think. The trouble is, if you get it sorted out then the guitar becomes a '1974 SG with headstock refin' and that will affect the value.
  4. Oh for goodness sake! Here is the original photo: Newport 1969 at Devonshire Downs.
  5. Looks nasty. Heat damage surely? Think you have to clean/scrape the yellow (melted varnish?) off the inlay too. Only worth doing if it is done well and an 'invisible' repair IMO. Can be done but I wouldn't try it unless you have some experience. Most repair people would probably say it's easier to refin the whole headstock as there is also cracking by the machine head collar . A partial headstock refin might be possible and maybe not that much - depending on how valuable and important to you the guitar is. Worth finding out about anyway. The wood beneath looks ok. The little holes at the bottom of the damaged section....what would have made those marks? Best wishes!
  6. jdgm


    Nice. Should have some interesting extras too - is your "Red" the version with a DVD? Fripp has released everything he possibly can in those huge box sets. "Road To Red" is 24 CD/DVDs, Bruford/Wetton live gigs, Thrak is 16 CDs/DVDs. I love it but I'd never get through all of it.
  7. Really missing my daily swim; the indoor pool in my town still hasn't re-opened.
  8. I'm sorry to hear it. I've "been there" myself with this sort of situation more than once. Hope you can get it sorted out quickly.
  9. Kirk - repost this in the acoustic section, they will know about it. Best wishes!
  10. Beautiful guitar from a good period for Gibson. I have a dark cherry custom with P90s. It has a 1956-spec neck which I love. You can get a 6-way switch for all the different pickup combinations. https://www.freewayswitch.com/products/ Wiring might get complicated - wouldn't want to find the switch cavity has to be enlarged. A push-pull for out-of-phase between neck and middle could get you near that Peter Green tone. I am in UK so can't help with price. Would go for a lot more over here though.
  11. It's £749!!! So it will be taken up by various high-profile players (when live music returns) and copied. At that price it needs to be astonishing. But programmable is the future - the Source Audio eq is getting a considerable rep: https://www.sourceaudio.net/programmable-eq.html That looks like a step up from my Boss GE-7. I'd like to check it out sometime. I remember wanting an A/DA Midi valve preamp back in the day. They were cool. And wasn't the Marshall rack pre-amp programmable too?
  12. Nice; LP with P90s is a fantastic combination. I've lost count - how many is that now? We need a group shot!
  13. I don't know what country you are in, but this should be worth a substantial amount of money anywhere. Here is one for sale in Switzerland - the price is a bit high! https://reverb.com/item/28602345-1960-gibson-es-335td-stinger-natural-blonde Even if the asking price on this is double what it should be, well..... Get an appraisal/valuation. This will cost money but will be well worth it. If you are in USA contact Norman's Rare Guitars https://www.normansrareguitars.com/ Or Gruhn Guitars https://guitars.com/ Or Archtop.com (your guitar is strictly speaking not an archtop but I'm sure that wouldn't matter) https://www.archtop.com/ Best wishes.
  14. Yes, a lovely guitar and you stuck to your guns - congrats! I don't think that the nibs/binding damage shown in your pic is "normal" at all. Very bad indeed!
  15. Need more info and pics if possible. What condition is it in? Is this an original made in 1960 guitar or a reissue? What does the label inside look like and what does it say? Does it have dot inlays or block inlays on the fretboard? Uploading pics; use an image hosting site and paste links from there into your posts. Imgur, Postimage and you can even do it from Fbk I believe. Good luck!
  16. This is part of the extremely stupid joke I didn't tell the whole of, at the bottom of P1 of this thread. So in response to overwhelming demand....... Shakespeare walks into a pub with a dog, a Shetland pony, a leopard and a giraffe on a bicycle. The landlord says to Shakespeare "I'm not serving you, you're bard." The landlord turns to the dog and says "do you want a pint, or a half?" The dog says "arf". The landlord turns to the Shetland pony and says "why the long face?" The Shetland pony coughs and says "sorry, I'm a little horse". The landlord turns to the leopard and says "you again! You were spotted, creeping around here last week - you and that bloody giraffe." And turning to all of them he says; "OUT! The lot of you! GET OUT OF MY PUB!" They all turn round and rush out of the door and the giraffe on his bicycle hits his head - Bang! and collapses - spark out - in the doorway. "Oi!" Shouts the landlord "You can't leave that lyin' there!" And they all turn round and say - "It's not a lion, it's a giraffe."
  17. A great and moving story, what a true friend you had. People like that are very rare in life IMO. Best wishes.
  18. Hi, welcome. Re-post this in the acoustic section and you will get some replies! Best wishes.
  19. I use Duraglit silver wadding polish. Same sort of thing I think. Oiling boards; if it doesn't sink into a rosewood board then the board doesn't need it and the residue should be wiped off (IMO).
  20. Very NICE indeed, am envious....a bit! I hope you are well. Best wishes!
  21. jdgm


    Thank you Bence - I did not know that (obviously!) I will shut up now!
  22. "Long Gone MIdnight" - John Mayall
  23. Nice. The inlays look like abalone in one pic but maybe that's just the lighting. Think it has been refretted - no nibs? Also replacement tuners and the 'harmonica' bridge. Best wishes!
  24. Welcome. I'd like to hear/play that with those in, especially the Charlie Christian pickup. Nice. Best wishes.
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