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  1. Had a Hohner headless bass for a short while back when.......couldn't get used to it, though many did. This has slightly prejudiced me TBH.....so - Consider the strings. You can't really adapt an ordinary set of strings. The design may be more 'efficient' but it's not ergonomic as far as your LH (or fretting hand) thumb is concerned IMO. I don't like guitar hangers anyway but they're out. And a headstock with string path behind the nut does hold a small amount of harmonic content. especially if straight. There must be a vid somewhere comparing the physics and sound properties of headstock vs. headless.
  2. jdgm


    The old ones are the best.....
  3. "Harlem Nocturne" - many versions including this beautiful, atmospheric one by Illinois Jacquet
  4. I look at the internet on a PC with a 24" monitor. Not had any problems with legibility. If you look at anything online via a tablet or phone screen, I'm not so surprised you find it unreadable.
  5. jdgm

    DIY 2.0

    Clean! Sounds good, hum not noticeable (maybe I should turn it up more). What does the Guild Foxey Lady in bypass do? Boost mids?
  6. I can see the Gibson logo 'inside' the soundhole (3rd pic - is that a cover for the soundhole to prevent feedback?), but the logo on the headstock is totally different. I do not think this is a Gibson guitar.
  7. "Paranoia (parts 1 & 2)" - Hawkwind
  8. Well she's not doing badly...... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orianthi If I was that popular I'd be happy!!
  9. Photos needed please! Body, neck, headstock front and back. Use 'insert other media' button to upload .
  10. jdgm

    DIY 2.0

    Apologies - these days for me, successfully soldering leads is a major achievement....... I am so out of touch.....
  11. jdgm

    DIY 2.0

    Wow this gets even more impressive....... Do you populate all the boards yourself? Are there heatsinks for the transformers? The mics look amazing. And what are yourinterfaces? DAW? Mixing desk? My home studio days are sort of over for the moment - mine was mostly analog and I sold it all for peanuts 10 yrs ago......had an Atari 1040ST, Tascam 38, Studiomaster 24-8-2, Akai S950, Roland D110, Yamaha DX11 (still got that!) and some nice racks - e.g. Korg SDD 2000 was fantastic in its day and I had 2 superb JL Cooper units, the MIDI patchbay and the SMPTE box - but you have to maintain it, use it, keep working on recording your music and upgrade if you h ave the money; I never went to a digital recorder and my tapes got 'shed', I didn't have time, and somehow then I just wanted to concentrate on guitar. But it was very exciting and satisfying for about a decade, and I did some good things, still have CD and DAT masters.....πŸ”Š It made me realise how hard it is to do music professionally. You can put together some tracks, ideas and hey- you've got an album. But then in a few months you have to do more - the whole thing again only different and better - and keep doing it! πŸŽ›οΈπŸŽ€πŸŽΈπŸŽΆβš‘πŸ“
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    Looking good.....nice indeed! Hope you are giving it some as they say. Humbuckers....I am tending more and more to roll all (or nearly all) the bass off on my amp. Also have Boss GE-7 eq. Anti-mud.
  13. "Darkness, Darkness" - The Youngbloods
  14. "Bang Bang" - Sonny and Cher
  15. jdgm

    DIY 2.0

    Cool knobs! Next step on from pedals maybe? Your work is so neat I'd love to see a pic of the internals. Dub I just got a Mosky Golden Horse, cheapo mini-Klone with circuit boards in. Must do thread with pic. Do you hear from Surfpup these days?
  16. jdgm


    Yes nice indeed! Your 3rd Lester by the look of it?
  17. The woods in this list are also very commonly used to make furniture and lots of other things apart from guitars. The internal doors in my house are pine, I have an old mahogany G-plan wardrobe (which Rabs would probably love to convert into guitars), wood chests, tables, chairs etc. So I don't feel that any of my guitars are 'toxic' or could be responible for any irritation/hay fever I might get. Household dust is far more likely to be a cause.
  18. jdgm


    Looking at the pics I'm not surprised you couldn't resist it. I've tried very few V-necks in my time but always found the profile quite comfortable. Best wishes, congrats!
  19. I met him once in Chandler's 1st tiny shop in Kew. He had just been the subject of a short Guitar Player magazine article which he said was "all wrong". He was well-known and highly respected in the U.K. I am sorry to hear he has gone. I hope he gets a good send-off. R.I.P.
  20. That will do nicely! Congrats and good luck with it......
  21. Gary Duncan, the 'other' guitarist in The Quicksilver Messenger Service passed away suddenly on 29 June, aged 72. He composed or co-composed much of the music on their classic 1st 2 LPs, and his jazz-influenced style and strong rhythm playing complemented John Cipollina's flashy psychedelics. He also played plenty of lead; Quicksilver's great strength was their extraordinary and unequalled twin-guitar attack, displayed on those 2 recordings, the 2nd of which - "Happy Trails", was mostly live. He stayed in QMS until the end and (after a lifetime of doing other stuff) revived it years later with original bassist/singer David Freiberg. Quite a character and well aware of his contribution to rock history; they do not come like him any more. He will be missed. R.I.P.
  22. May I add is that it is generally easier to do behind-the-nut tricks (harmonics, bends) with a straight-through string path. If you are cool enough to be able to do that stuff......
  23. ............" ended up with a J Rockett "Archer". ......" Sounds like a good choice, this is one of the Klon-type pedals that have appeared in the last few years. Performs very well in the comparison vids on youtube. For my 65th birthday I didn't have enough to buy a TC Spark so I got the cheapest "Klone" there is - the Mosky Golden Horse, a mini-pedal which cost me Β£17.90 GBP. I wasn't expecting much but have been pleasantly surprised so far. https://www.amazon.com/Overdrive-Effect-Golden-Guitar-Bypass/dp/B07GTFVT37 Have not put it on my board or gigged with it yet, will be interested to know how you get on with yours.
  24. "Yes, The River Knows" - The Doors
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