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Les Paul Custom 68 Reissue Heritage Cherry Sunburst


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G'day out there in Gibson land. Long time reader, first time poster. I have recently brought this 2001 Les Paul Custom 68 reissue (#010738) which, Gibson confirmed (via email) its serial number is consistent with a heritage cherry sunburst figured top. I have not seen any of these 68 reissues in this darker colour, but love it nonetheless. The guitar dealer I bought it from was advertising it as a triburst, which I guess could be easily mistaken for. It has a 50's wiring circuit modification and PIO capacitors. I do enjoy the vintage tone but I mainly play high gain music, and will be swapping out the PAFs for a Seymour Duncan Custom (sh-5) in the bridge (uncovered/gold poles, for a non-nasally tone), and a Jazz neck (sh-2. ) (covered). I was just wondering if anyone has seen a 68 reissue in this darker than normal burst, and if anyone has used this combination of pickups in guitars with the same or similar specs (e.g., ebony fretboards). Also, does anyone know the history of the 68 reissues, (i.e., when they were first made, the cost brand new, average cost now, etc). Thanks in advance for any information and advise.

post-85928-065205000 1498260308_thumb.jpg

post-85928-082432300 1498260327_thumb.jpg

post-85928-018966200 1498260357_thumb.jpg

post-85928-047400000 1498260405_thumb.jpg

post-85928-001108400 1498260429_thumb.jpg

post-85928-090357800 1498260476_thumb.jpg

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Here's the one I bought a few years ago. It was a GC exclusive. Paid $2800 for it new. Sold it a few years later, it was just too heavy for me. 10.6 lbs.

The paperwork did call it a Tri-burst finish



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Nice guitar!

Got a B7 that I'm thinking of putting a 59(SH1)/Custom(SH5) combo into.

My experience with the SH5 in a superstrat (mahogany body/neck, maple cap, ebony fretboard) was that it had a huge, punchy low end and a very clear lead tone.

It has none of the graininess of the usual Gibson pickups, has the slightly scooped PAF like eq and is brutally honest about your technique.

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