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I might have broken the code...


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I have been putting in some serious practice time recently, trying to get a grip on my singing. I think I finally might have broken the code. In the last couple of days I realize I have gotten a much better perception of pitch. So before this newfound clarity would turn its back on me, and crawl back into its dark cave, I sat down and re-recorded a bunch of songs from my modest little repetoire. Here is the song that got me started:



Other new recordings can be found going down this list (the ones dated within the last couple of days, starting at the top. I am especially pleased with the first four).




I'm pretty sure this is my biggest improvement jump to date, but I would greatly appreciate if you would care have a listen and "tell it like it is."




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We listened to the first one and agree: that's a lot of progress. As my wife said "there's now a rhythm in his voice that is going along with the guitar". She doesn't play but is my biggest critic!


You'll continue to work on pitch, everyone does, but you now have a more 'dynamic' vocal to work with while you do.

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