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After continued perseverance I was finally able to obtain this 2017 Gold Series SG guitar. I’m very happy with it. No complaints. I’ve had the action set a bit high for some bottleneck and so far she’s making music the way an SG should. When I was trying to purchase this (and I purchased it new from Guitar Center) I read some mixed reviews. I think the bad reviews were malarkey. This guitar sounds real powerful, looks beautiful and plays like an SG should with the scream of the high notes and the strength of the power cords with that all too typical Gibson superiority. I have four guitars. 1. A 2007 Les Paul Black Custom Shop previously owned by a well-known rock star that came into financial problems and sold it back to guitar center for around $6000.00. I bought it on eBay for $2700.00 replaced the bridge and pickup covers and it plays and sounds like a typical Les Paul. 2. I also own a Fender 2014 Stratocaster that I had custom made on the Fender Website with the most expensive parts that could be bought but it just sits in the case because my Gibsons are so much easier to play and have the sound I love. 3. Is a Gibson SG 2014 Anniversary Edition. This is the guitar I usually play and I’m very happy with it. 4. Then there is this 2017 Gold Series SG that I’m at present only using for bottleneck because it is tuned in open E. The one thing that has me worried is that Gibson needs to be in the lime light more often. I hope Gibson doesn’t fold up. As far as I’m concerned they have the best guitars. You wouldn’t believe how hard it was to obtain this Gold Series SG. I hope if there is anyone else who owns one that you will post here and let others know what you think.

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