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  1. I would look at the Guitar Center website to see what these are going for used there to get a pricing estimate. This is a 2015 and they sold poorly due to the tuners and headstock graphics. It will fetch lower than a similar classic from a different year.
  2. Hi

    I аm looking for a gentle аnd SEXy mаn

    My photo hеrе https://sex-gibson.tumblr.com

    Kisses Megafrog

  3. I think Epiphone makes a fine product but now that I have a Gibson budget I buy Gibson vs Epiphone. I still have and play several Epiphones but in general I prefer the prestige of a Gibson vs an Epi.
  4. How did the replacement SG turn out for you? Better I hope.
  5. The second picture of the fretboard looks like a dyed rosewood to me.
  6. Congratulations on your new guitar, I hope that you continue to enjoy it for years to come.
  7. Do I have one of that model, year, color already? How does it play and sound? Do I really want it? What niche does it fill? These are the things I think about when checking out a new guitar.
  8. People use the T for a solo vs the R? 😯🤔
  9. They were essential for me to graduate.
  10. Why doesn’t Gibson release an updated version of that? I would buy it, if they put on a Floyd or a Kahler.
  11. Sad day for the blues. Rest In Peace Otis...
  12. We don’t get sales like you do. Our clearance sales have started and the prices are still not as good as what I saw at Dawson’s up in Manchester in July.
  13. I am familiar with the SG that the OP is referring to, it is a limited edition available only through AMS and Zzounds. If Sweetwater was selling it, I don’t think it would be any better because my experience is they don’t pay that good of attention either. I posted previously about my 2018 RD and the mess that Sweetwater sent me...
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