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1930's or 1920's? Gibson Mastertone

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Hello, I am posting some pictures in order to determine what I have. I believe everything is original. I have the original truss cover as well. I do not want to mess around too much with this banjo due to its age. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated! Also there is a faded signature on the back as well, may be a newer one due to it being a sharpie I believe, another weird part is that I can not find a serial anywhere on this. Let me know what I have, thanks a lot!

post-86445-003478800 1500942020_thumb.jpg

post-86445-066480500 1500942192_thumb.jpg

post-86445-038080400 1500942197_thumb.jpg

post-86445-031592000 1500942243_thumb.jpg

post-86445-054514100 1500942250_thumb.jpg

post-86445-042552600 1500942256_thumb.jpg

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it looks along the lines of a Bella Voce.. how ever.. lots of recreations of these out there.. best thing to do is take the back resonator off.. there will be a gibson tag.. along with a pressed in wood Production number.. maybe a serial number.. Most of these had Gold tone rings.. I see yours is Chrome..

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