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Ultra rare, pin bridge slope shoulder B45 12


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I'm posting this for anyone here who may not have seen it over at the UMGF.

This is the rarest of Gibson 12's. No affiliation on my part just thought folks here would be interested.

I'll try to post the E-bay auction if I can, if not one can search E-bay for Gibson 1962 B45 12. It's down at the bottom of the listings.

I would love to have this guitar.






1962 Gibson B-45-12 Slope Shoulder Natural Finish Pin Bridge


My B-45-12 is for sale on ebay. Please check it out. $3250 It is all original, not a clone. It is the rarest Gibson 12 string EVER built, and also the best sounding one. It is not the one in my profile pic. The pictures would not upload. Check this forum about the slope shoulder models. This guitar is one of one. Thanks

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A while back I was offered a straight up trade of a '62 B-45 12 for my pre-War Regal Jumbo 12. I stuck with the Regal. All B45-12s built up to the late 1964 though are rare. They were so lightly braced many literally twisted themselves apart. Last one I owned was an very early '63. I had never seen any square shoulder B45 with the binding this one had or a classical guitar style label inside the soundhole. Reason was that apparently the very first square shoulder B45-12s had re-purposed Hummingbird bodies.

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