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  1. I'd like to see a new J45 without any electronics, with Kluson type tuners and either a rectangular bridge or a belly bridge that has the same look as they did in the 50's.
  2. fp

    guitar weights

    What kind of scale did you use ? That seems way too heavy !
  3. That's a candidate for a re-top ! If I owned it that's what I'd do to it !
  4. That used to be my bridge, sold it to True Vintage a little over a month ago.
  5. I owned two of these as well as one of the SJ's from the same limited run. All three were really good.
  6. I was strongly considering buying this 53 but was turned off by the fact that the repairs were done using Titebond glue instead of hide glue which would have been original for the guitar I believe. I know some of you may say no big deal what glue was used but to me with a guitar of this vintage I feel hide would have been appropriate.
  7. Gibson has never been shy about spraying too many coats of lacquer on their guitars through the years !
  8. Do a search for a guitar tech or Luthier that you can take it to. It’s not going to fix itself asking anymore questions here.
  9. Personally I think the binding nibs are ridiculous. If I re-fretted a Gibson with them I’d eliminate them.
  10. Do you know of any guitar techs that you could take it to ? Sounds to me like it just needs a good set up. Get the relief correct, check nut slots to see if they are low enough and then adjust the saddle to get the action so it’s playable for you.
  11. That $15,000 is list price. Many dealers sell for 40% off of list price, then your looking at $9000 .
  12. It looks like it has an ebony board and bridge ! Am I seeing that right ? Great looking guitar, congrats.
  13. Sal, Is that the J45 that was listed at the UMGF ?
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