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Head/Cab Ohms help...


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Not really sure where to put this, so I put it here.


Well, I'm trying to build my own cab (to save money/power). I'm kinda confused about the ohms thing. Like wiring series and parallel, and tube amp ohms vs solid state ohm. Can someone help me out by explaining this (I've done some research but keep getting conflicting results)? Thanks




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Its easy, you have to match the amps ohm with the cab's. So if the amp says it works at 8 ohm the cab must be wired for 8 ohm (you can achieve this with 2 4ohm speakers, with 2 16ohm speakers, or with 4 8 ohm speakers), I think most amps nowadays come with selectable outputs with different resistance (most common are 4 / 8 / 16).


You building your own cab? If you need any help PM me and I will see if I can help (I am owner/builder of a handa made cab brand down here).

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...I know some of the guys might be sick and tired of the same pic, but it's the one I like most... dont know if you guys have seen it before... OAG 2x12 cab... (OAG stands for Otton Arboleda Garcia, me).







And a case I made for a jackson Randy Rohads




And a 2x12 in orange...


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Wow, thanks guys. Nice cabs there too Thunder and guitarest.


I do have one more question. I was mainly looking at this site for design stuff.




And the guy was rambling on about "resonance and Qtc" stuff. In reality, how much does that stuff matter when building your own cab? Can I totally screw the job by not paying attention to it or making it too big/small or sealing it unsealing it? Lol alot of questions.....

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According to Eminence's cab designing software you should have at least 5cm between speaker edge and cab "wall", same goes for speaker-speaker distance. At most you should have 15cm but of course that deppends on the type of speaker you are using... most of the time I use the 5cm rule unless it's a customo job and the guy has very good reasons for wanting more than 10cm speaker separation or less than 5 ("I want it to look biiiiig" is not a good reason).


I'll pm you some measurements I use as standard for 2x12 cabs if you want. Just ask +:-@



Oh, and what the guy says about celestions is true.


Celestions are highly overrated.


Celestions used to be made the good way, those, if you manage to find some, will cost you an arm and a leg... now they are made in china and sound like crap and cost "just an arm" (sorry guys, I think you all know my opinion on them by now anyway).


I use eminence speakers... they are good, reliable, and made in the US, with one line beinng designed in the US and the other, in the UK (Patriot and Red Coat respectively).


I use "Patriot" speakers for cabs that will be used for metal. The "screaming eagle" is great for that, the "black powder" too.


I use the "red coat" line mostly for classic sounds, and good rock n roll tones... "The Gobernor" is supposed to sound like a vintage 30... and it does, and sounds like an original v30, not like the POS new vintage 30 made by celestion (costs about 1/3 of what a new chinese celestion costs).


The Private Jack is designed after the original greenback... (and sounds more like it than the POS new grrenback by celestion)... and again, costs about 1/3 of what a new chinese celestion does.


The Red Fang is designed after the Blue Alnico, and nails the sound 100% as oposed to the new chinese celestion blue that sounds like crap and costs as much as 3 times of what a red fang costs.




There are lots of good (and great) speaker brands out there, most are way better than new celestions, and most cost 1/4 - 1/2 of what a chinese celestion costs.

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Yeh, I was going to put in 4 Eminence Texas Heats or Black Powders. I kind of like the cleaner sound of the Texas Heats better, even though I play metal/metalcore. I'd love it if you could PM me those specs, and any you have for a 4x12 too would be nice (or maybe just the 2x12 as long as I could just double the measurements for hight or width or whatever). :-s


I agree about the Celestions. Even though I've never used them, I've always had a feeling that they were over-rated, especially after looking at the price tags =P~


Thanks for the speaker wiring page, that def cleared some stuff up. So for a 4x12, I would roughly need a cab thats 30x30 in? Also, what type of materials did you guys use? From that site, it looked like MDF would work just fine.

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Hey TG' date=' have you ever used JBLs in a guitar cab?[/quote']


I havent put them on any of my cabs but a guy asked me to upgrade his BEHRINGER 4x12 cab with some JBLs he had bought of the internet... they sounded really good, I was surprised how those speakers made that ugly cheap cab sound good. I dont remember the model tho... but Ive only heard good stuff about JBLs and they aren't as expensive as celestions.

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So for a 4x12' date=' I would roughly need a cab thats 30x30 in? Also, what type of materials did you guys use? From that site, it looked like MDF would work just fine.[/quote']



MDF is good as it can last more than other materials, but, it is heavy as hell... if you use birch plywood (for example) or "real wood" you will have a very light cab with great sound (I dont like the way sound reflects on MDF from the inside but that0s just me... I'm kind of nuts anyway).

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