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Funniest TV moments.


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It was late 85, I was still in college and we were living in a 15-storey apartment complex that was a challenge to even the brave.

The "Thornbirds" were on TV and the episode is where the priest finally consumates his relationship with a girl he's known since she was small.


Its the tropics, everyone had their windows and doors open...


Its the beach scene and just as the trap is about to shut,

-you could hear the voices of hundreds of males scream;

Peca! Peca!(Sin-Sin-Sin!!!)

Guys, you couldn't stage that if you tried.

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When George Jefferson Found out his son Lionnel, Was going with the girl who had a white dad and black mom. He said his son wasn't going to marry any Zebra. It was different seeing a black bigot. When Jefferson and Archie Bunker got together it was Classic.

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