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2018 LP Classic already stripped


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Well, the Stratosphere has wasted no time in stripping down and parting out 2018 Gibsons. They already have at least 10, including the LP Classic goldtop I planned to buy this year. I'm tempted to grab it for $1100 and build it up myself like I did with the SG Standard in my avatar. STill doing the math to see if it can save enough money to make losing the warranty worthwhile. For those not familiar with The Stratosphere, its a guitar shop in New Hampshire that strips down new guitars and sells the parts separately. It sounds sketchy, but they're legit. I guess they make a few extra bucks selling all the pieces individually over selling the whole thing. https://stratosphereparts.com/2018-gibson-usa-les-paul-classic-body-neck-project-american-p-90-goldtop/

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