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Collectible The Paul ?


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I got this beautiful Gibson a few years ago. I'd like to know if this is a collectible item and if possible, get an aprox. value. Not that I'm selling it but it's always a good thing to know.


One interesting thing about this guitar is that it's labeled The Paul instead of Le Paul. The guitar was manufactured on 1978 and is in superb condition as you can see in the pictures. Please don't pay attention to the old rusted strings and the dust on the pictures, I am taking the guitar to a professional guitar restorer to give it a well deserved tune up after a few years of storage...


Serial number is on the last picture for those with access to Gibson database.


I also have the original hard plastic case with the shape of the guitar which I forgot to photograph.


Again, I'd appreciate any light on the history of this nice guitar. Thank you!



Costa Rica

















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This is some small information i found on your guitar,


Guitar Info

Your guitar was made at the

Nashville Plant, TN, USA

August 30th, 1978

Production Number: 73


If i'm correct only a limited number of those type of Les Paul's were made, would have to do a bit more research to find out more!

But you could have a collectable.

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Nice guitars - ebony board, I think. I remember selling them in NYC in the late 70's. They were sort of an economy model Les Paul, but with good pickups and hardware. There was also a market at the time for guitars with "natural", oiled wood finishes instead of nitro or poly that started with Schecter and a couple other do-it-yourself companies. Looks like a keeper.

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Hey there...

I have model number 72798544

Yours looks like the pickups have been changed from the original "Dirty Fingers".

Mine is very beaten-up, blood/beer stains, cigarette burns and lots of scratches and cuts but it plays like a dream.

Member "N.B.G" here says he was selling them in New York in the late 70's...I got mine there ( a '78) in December 1981, but I cannot remember which shop, bummer!

I stole the money to pay for it and would never sell...


Anyway, nice example-but worth sweet FA, people tend to keep hold of them though, so all best amigos!

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I stole the money to pay for it and would never sell...



Ha Ha! I kind of steal this one too. I exchanged the guitar a few years ago with a friend that was going to sell it real cheap to buy a Mac Jazz Drive... I got the drive for him and I kept the guitar... Now I feel bad that the drive cost like zero $ and the guitar is worth double what I paid for...


I took my guitar to a professional restorer here in Costa Rica at the Corrales Guitar factory and it is like the day it left the factory. The pickups are the original ones but I got the chrome covers so they would look nicer with the rest of the chrome hardware.


I won't sell mine either! :-)

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