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Guitar Center Downgraded Again


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Any of you Lounge Lizards who need a fix - there's a lot of vitriol over there about a questionable article projecting gloom and doom for GC due to a debt restructuring.

Mixed reactions span the comments from "Good", "Bad" and, of course, the ever-present "Ugly".

Some who appear to have no love for Gibsons, and maybe don't actually have any. - predict the ripple effect will overtake and swamp Gibson.

I don't have a dog in this fight. I think it's all about 'location, location, location'. If you live in an town that has three stop signs and a flashing red light - chances are you won't have a GC.

If you live in downtown Boston - chances are the GC's in the suburbs will be bigger and better. Lower rent.

So - if you're in the mood and can't find your hair shirt - wander on over.

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