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dreamin'' of my new gibby

uncle fester

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Hey folks,


i know i've been kind-of quiet about it, but just in case anyone missed it - i'm in the hunt for a new gibson. my head is spinning with options and will have to see where the road takes me (now i've got to find an AJ or two to try out due to another thread!)


until i do land something though, i find everything i'm playing is because i really want to hear it on my 'to be' guitar - hoping you don't mind me sharing a hankerin' of mine. pretty sure it will be one of first jams i'll play when i get my gibby! thinkin' about my new gibson


FYI - this is on my (circa '86) guild D25 mic'd into a presonus set up (2 mics). Used 'wide pan' as an effect but that was it. I do not have much experience recording, so apologies in advance for any novice mistakes. Also - it's 2 mins long, tried to keep it to 30 seconds - but i got into it - at a minute 30, if you can hang on i like my little lick. (Also I've never used sound cloud before either, again thanks to folks on another thread) If you can't hear it, I say turn it up. If you can hear it, turn it up more! I hope you enjoy.


ANYWAYS - This is my hankerin', I know some of you got to be eyeing a new guitar - any clips of first songs you'd like be playing on them?

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