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Hello everyone


I have been thinking about getting a Epiphone ES-339 and change the pickups to P90s.

There is a model with P90 pickups, I know. But I'd like to have a coil splitting with these pickups. If this makes sense as I've read that you cannot split P90s.

Seymour Duncan has a pickup that can be splitted s I see: https://www.seymourduncan.com/pickup/p90-stack-bridge.

Now the options are

1. to get a ES-339 P90 and change the pickups and the electronics or

2. to get a normal ES-339 (that already has coil splitting) and change the pickups


There are other pickups that could fit like: https://www.seymourduncan.com/pickup/p-rails-set. Or another P90 pickup.


Don't know if my thoughts make any sense. :)

Thanks for any suggestions and thoughts.

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OOOoohhh Kayyyyy..... The P90 can't be split, since it's a single coil pickup. Splitting, or more commonly called "coil tapping" is done on humbuckers with 2 coils. One coil is essentially turned off, giving you a single coil sound. Since a P90 is a single coil, there's nothing to turn off.

Duncan does have a stacked P90, with two coils, that could be tapped to give you a single coil P90 tone. Same with D'Marrizo. BUT, when turning off a coil, it opens the guitar up to the reason humnbuckers were created in the first place: Hum. IF you use a lot of high gain, you will have an issue with hum.

So, instead of coil tapping, try a series/parallel switch. It will give you the brightness of the single coil P90, without the hum. Use of a push/pull switch can eliminate the need for drilling holes in the guitar. Hope this helps!

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Hi there.


Well, I think I get what your wanting to go for, but as stated before, to split a pick up, it has tohave more then one pick up coil.


If your wanting more tones and P-90's. you should look at a Epiphone Blueshawk.


It is a small semi hollowbody with a dummy coil for hum calcining and the vary-tone for added tone choices.




My link

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