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custom pick mach #2


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I ordered 3 x Psycho V-Picks yesterday. While waiting, I thought it was time I made another myself.


Its a standard tri-point (the other one was 4 point square). It took less than three hours to make (much quicker than last time).


I used it on the Deuce Guitar alternating with a Psycho pick. The Psycho is still better. I made my bevels more acute than the V-Pick, probably too much. Sound is very similar but with slightly less body than the Psycho. Probably due to the difference in mass. Psycho is .210" thick, and mine is .184"


My surface texture is slightly better though. I used 3000 grit on the contact surfaces, so slightly rougher than the very smooth Psycho.


Tomorrow I will use a coarser grit on it because there is still some 'chirp' in the sound.



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Yeah, I have been on their site quite a bit. I heard about them from Searcy. I also use Gravity Picks. I have a 6mm pick form them, but it has a hole in the middle and I hang it around my neck as wearable art.


Good idea. Also its handy when you need a pick unexpectedly. I realise its too heavy, but any port in a storm right?


It's reminded me I have a brass pick I used to wear on a cord. I need a new cord for it.


Gravity Picks are ok too. I have a couple of red ones.

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