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This is the 3rd guitar I am seeking info on. I am having the hardest time making out the pots numbers and the combinations I come up with don't input into the website that will tell you the date. Anyone able to tell me more about this guitar?



Serial is 7-1335. Missed a digit in the title.


Album of photos, including best pots photos I could take, is here:



Looked again, I think it's 44071079

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It's a 1997 Gibson Les Paul '1960 Classic'.


These have a different serial numbering system from all other Les Pauls. The first digit gives the last number of the year of build. The rest give the individual serial number of the instrument.

The 1960 Classic was introduced in 1989. All '89 instruments have a serial 9 YYY. There were fewer than 1000 made hence the reason for only 3 digits in the second grouping.

From 1990 to 1999 the system was the same except the second grouping comprised four digits.

From 2000 until the model was discontinued the system was 0X YYYY. The x was, as earlier, the last number of the year and YYYY as instrument number as before.


I've never heard of a Bigsby being installed on a 1960 Classic at the factory so it's almost certainly an addition.

Originally the TRC would have had a gold 'Classic' script hot stamped into it and the original pick guard would have similarly had a gold '1960 Classic' stamp.


The mirror knobs are a replacement for gold or amber top-hats. The pickups appear to be the original very hot 496 / 500 ceramics.



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