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1978 LP Custom Knobs?


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Hi, I purchased a great playing 1978 Gibson Les Paul Custom with a Tobacco finish. It has 4 gold speed knobs on it, but they are NOT original. I would like to replace them with the orig. ones that would have been set on it from the factory. Does anyone know what they would have been? Would they have been speed knobs, top hat, etc... black, gold, amber, etc...? Also is there a way to distinguish between the originals, from the reproductions of that same style? Any place I could be directed to find out what my guitar came with, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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In late 1974, they switched from Witch Hat knobs with gold caps to Reflector Knobs with Gold caps. I'm not sure if they would have used Gold Reflector knobs on a sunburst for sure.




Looking at examples on eBay, I'm seeing mostly black Reflector knobs on sunburst 78's, but a few gold knobs also.




The new knobs Gibson is putting on guitars today don't look like the ones they used in 1978. They use a brushed metal for the caps instead of the shiny caps used originally. Aftermarket knobs are made that look more authentic than current Gibson Brand knobs.



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