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  1. Looks like a Chibson to me……….
  2. There are two on Reverb now that look pretty much the same. They are listed as 40th Anniversary models. One is $1,650. The other $2,000. Not that they are selling for that, the $2,000 guitar has been listed for a year……… $600 could be a flag.
  3. The VG Price Guide lists it between $2,250 & $3,000. Most sellers likely will list them higher……
  4. Looks to be an early, around ‘72 seventies EB-0L. They went to a three point bridge about ‘73. From the photo it looks worth restoring.
  5. Here in Minnesnowta, we’ve had the latest cold snap but next to nothing as far as snow. Staying warm while driving is a priority here, at least for me. I’ve heard that it takes a lot of battery power to heat an electric car on cold days. Having a gas powered furnace under the hood sounds much warmer. Reminds me of a VW Beatle that my dad bought in the seventies. It had fairly good gas mileage but lousy heat. He installed a gas powered heater and the gas mileage dropped to 10 MPG.
  6. The day before I got married Lynyrd Skynyrd’s plane crashed. I was too busy to watch the news so didn’t even hear about it till days later.
  7. The shape of the cutaways would be different in a 1960 VS a later sixties ES335. They refer to the earlier shape a “Mickey Mouse Ears”. Not to mention nickel hardware VS chrome & a late sixties would have “Witch Hat” knobs VS reflector knobs. Here is a photo of my 1967 ES335.
  8. On the "Les Paul Forum", there is a member who was a Gibson employee I believe at this time who likely will have your answer. Nice guitar!! Where are they now... | The Les Paul Forum P.S. The thread is a few pages back in the “Other Gibsons” topic………
  9. I noticed about 3/4” of clearance inside a Kleenex box on the end recently. I imagine in time, they will re-tool to shrink the box to suite. Shrink-flation will keep showing up on many products……..
  10. The Kalamazoo plant was union. The Nashville and all plants after that I believe were non-union.
  11. Try a Gator GW-335 case at a store like Guitar Center. They seem to have a longer headstock pocket, (at least they do in their Les Paul cases) and they are easy to modify if necessary. I had to add 3/4” on the bottom & it worked well………..
  12. I ended up dragging this Wiggy amp home after seeing it on Craigslist for way too long. It was supposedly designed in collaboration with Frank before he passed & then Dweezle was said to help finish it. I guess the head is suppose to look like Franks Corvette dash. It’s an oddball for sure……..
  13. This was a photo I had on file from another topic.
  14. The headstock rests on the bottom of the case.
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