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  1. I was thinking 330 also......
  2. Hello & Welcome! Les Paul Personals don’t seem to come up for sale very often these days. I watched for quite a few years before I landed mine. Only 370 of these were produced, approximately 50 years ago. Good Luck! I’ll keep my eyes open also.
  3. I was impressed when I found out that they used mahogany for the center block on the ES LP’s vs maple like is used in the other ES models. Even though there is very little center block in the ES LP’s, mahogany would likely make it sound more like a Les Paul. My ‘74 Les Paul Signature has a “T” shaped maple block down the center.
  4. I’ve posted this photo several times before, but it still show the best explanation of how the ES LP’s are constructed. Not having “F” holes might be an advantage with avoiding feedback similar to the BB King model.
  5. The ES Les Paul is the only ES guitar that I am aware of that has wood in it’s construction to accommodate a strap pin.
  6. I switched to MarkBass amps a few years ago, mostly because they are so light. I have a variety of vintage & newer Gibson basses & it handles all of them well. A 15" speaker that handles 300 watts at less than 40 pounds is great! Musicians Friend sometime sell them for 20% off.
  7. My Les Paul Professional had a large mic-style inline transformer soldered in when I bought it. It was easy to remove it & reconnect the jack wire in my case. On the website that Gibson lists their schematics I found this print that was modified in 1975 to include a transformer like a Les Paul Recording. I think it was fairly common for people to add a transformer to these to avoid the hassle of the chord with an inline transformer. They may have shipped the last of these with this modification. http://archive.gibson.com/Files/schematics/LPPro.PDF A few of us were pretty active in a "Low Impedance Club" thread in the "Vintage Corner" a few years back https://forum.gibson.com/topic/99362-gibson-low-impedance-guitars-club/ You might find some good info here.....
  8. I don't see why not. I'm still running the flat wounds on mine, but I wouldn't hesitate to change them. Gibson just thought that the flat wounds would add a unique character to this model. Let us know how you like the sound after you change them.
  9. I was thinking that the extra pickup was a Roland Synth pickup also. Looks like it may have been modified......
  10. For safety reasons, the tours were all given at the Memphis facility. They sold it & moved out about last April & are still getting tooled up to produce ES Models in various Nashville plants. It may take a while to get set up for tours if they still plan on giving them. I'm sure getting guitars back in production is their top priority.
  11. I would think that all of the Kalamazoo made Epiphones should have the same body shape as their Gibson counterparts. They were made side by side in the Gibson factory until 1969 when Epiphone production was farmed out to a factory in Japan.
  12. Reverb has one listed, I believe the seller is from Canada. It's priced way high, must be why it hasn't sold in three years. You could shoot him a fair offer & see if he's ready to sell. I have one in Bourbon Burst. I'm glad I bit the bullet while they were available, great guitars! https://reverb.com/item/3267074-gibson-memphis-2016-es-les-paul-ltd-pelham-blue
  13. They usually machine away a lot of the center block for electronics installation under the pickups. Some years might be more than others. My Les Paul Signature from 1974 has a "T" shaped center block. Totally hollow on the end by the strap button. Gibson must have reissued the walnut 335 recently...…. http://legacy.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2017/Memphis/ES-335-1970s-Walnut.aspx
  14. It looks to be an early 70's 335. I can see the 70's sticker through the "F" hole. It has a stamped serial # which dates it before 1975 when they switched to an oval decal for about three years. It also has the "Made in USA" stamp & volute nudging it into the 70's. It looks like the tuners were changed to a newer, similar style tuner. I would take a guess at 1971, but it's just a guess. Many 1972's had Gibson embossed pickups, but I'm not sure if they ever sold ES-335s with them. If they did, that could rule out 1972. PS..... Here is a 1972.... https://reverb.com/item/25450727-gibson-es-335-tdw-1972-walnut
  15. Grog

    Guitar ID Needed

    If it was an L5, "L5" would likely be engraved in the tailpiece...……. https://reverb.com/item/26762412-genuine-vintage-gibson-l-5-archtop-tailpiece-l5-l-5ces-l-5c
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