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  1. Grog

    Real or fake??

    I agree, it looks to be a fake. The “Flowerpot Inlay” is reserved for Gibson’s high end guitars such as the L-5 or L-5S, this is the headstock of my L5-S. Yours would be a copy of a lower end flattop.
  2. .I think it was Hagstrom who at one time had an extruded channel like truss rod to try to avoid twisting.........
  3. It looks identical to the case my 2015 Les Paul Studio Deluxe came in.......... They were brown with pinkish lining when they started using these cases. Then for a number of years they were black with mostly white linings, (I have one with grey lining). This is the next version used for guitars made in Nashville. The Memphis made guitars were in similar cases but the logo & interior were slightly different.
  4. I have a ‘69 EB-3 that I have had for about 25 years with a twisted neck. I don’t think it’s gotten any worse in the years I’ve had it and it plays great. Other guitar companies have tried different types of truss rods, Gibson sticks with their original design......
  5. A friend of mine machined up a set of brass saddles for his about 20 years ago. I’m not sure if the cheaper bridge was also made by Schaller, if it was, maybe the saddles could be interchangeable or able to be modified to fit your bridge.
  6. The only Gibson/Schaller Crank buttons I recall were marketed in the 70’s for the Schaller made tuners.....
  7. Here are photos of a few other “Harmonica Bridges” for comparison. I think there is a fair amount of slop between the studs & the countersunk holes in the back of the bridge.
  8. I had a similar problem with a 2019 LP Tribute DC Jr bass I modified. I tried everything else before I finally decided to shield it. Oddly, I was getting static off of the frets, it drove me nuts. I ended up using adhesive backed aluminum tape found in the heating/ductwork section section of my home building supply store. Being tired of taking it apart I may have overdone the shielding, but it worked!! It was well worth the effort to me and a cheap fix.
  9. The L-6S & L-5S have the same body shape & use the same case. The L-6S was reissued a few years back. I was watching for a NOS L-6S case for my L-5S for some time, one finally popped up. I has to add a .75 thick piece of Styrofoam under the padding to accommodate the different neck angle, but it fit great. Keep an eye on eBay.....
  10. The cardboard (or Archcraft) cases that these guitars came with in the 50’s and the 60’s were the worst. The guitars flopped around & the case offered less protection than a gig bag. The new cases may not fit like they should at that price point, but they are light years better than the cases the originals came in. On another note, I think I read that Gibson is having another manufacturer thanTLK making their cases. Anyone else hear that also?
  11. Only one rusty cover on eBay for $325. Not worth it. Originals show up from time to time, you just have to be patient & watch regularly.
  12. I finally got around to adding the 3/4” styrofoam spacer to the inside of the Gator case. The bass fits perfectly now! I had to buy an entire pack from Menard’s a while back to get a small piece for another case. I cut it roughly the size of the grey foam that was there before. I put double back tape on both sides of the styrofoam. Then ran a bead of clear silicone around the corner of the case, tucked everything back in & pushed things down. A perfect fit!
  13. They are great guitars for the money! I bought one in blue stain about 6 months ago, it’s a keeper......
  14. It looks like it might be a better option. I have to put a small towel or something under the end of the body in my formed cases. Your case fits as is.... I may rip the material out someday & add 3/4” of styrofoam to fill the void. I did this to another case & it worked well.
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