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White Lightning Explorer


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Anyone have A "Tommy Thayer White Lightning Explorer"?


I have been debating getting one but would like your thoughts on it, how does it play, the neck, the pickups, the paint job, etc.

I have not found one locally yet so debating order one on-line which I am usually reluctant to do.


My link

post-71443-062757300 1522438320_thumb.jpg

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Explorers are pretty cool, they are very long guitars that are very comfortable and well balanced whether you are standing or sitting. I have a custom built natural finish mahogany Explorer. The almost all white "Thayer" with Duncan pups looks very well built. It really comes down to what you like, I have a White SG Special that is one of my favorite guitars.


The Epiphone page has a few reviews on the White Lightening



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