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New Member Intro Vintage 1967 Epiphone Casino E230TD


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Good Morning,


Just a quick introduction. I found the forum in my attempt to seek more information after locally purchasing a 1967 Epiphone Casino. I purchased the guitar from its second owner (he traded his Rickenbacker to the original owner in 1972). I purchased the guitar with the intent to re-sell. The Casino has replaced Kluson style tuners, is missing the pick guard and tremolo arm, and has a torn interior label. The serial number clearly indicates 1967 and has a "2" stamped below it on the back of the headstock likely indicating that it was a 'second'. Aside from that...the guitar appears whole, intact, original and plays/sounds fantastic! The seller was a "drummer" and always kept a guitar around the house. The frets and fret board appear really fresh....the guitar body has lacquer checking at most areas with the exception of the back of the neck. I'd planned to sell it and I am hesitant to even clean it given its finish patina and mojo....but I haven't listed yet because it is so darn cool. I appreciate your forum and posters which provided me a great deal of information about the guitar....I don't know what I would do without great places like this. I know that like most forums you like photos....so I've attached some for you.






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Wow. That looks superb! What a find. How does it sound?


Well...that is actually a/the problem. I bought this to simply flip it.....but I plugged it in to test everything out and was BLOWN AWAY. It is unbelievable. I listed it for sale...if I don't get it out of here quickly I'll have another guitar pet to feed/water. Really cool guitar...I'd never previously understood the hollow body P-90 thing....but I stand corrected.

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