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hi guys i am pleased to have joined the Gibson family and am in firm agreement that they kick ***. my name is Nathan from the UK, i purchased a few years ago a gibson X-plorer pro in trans black, i purchased it brand fine new and used it for many years but sadly now it sits in a case under the bed, Ive no idea wether its my geographical location or some crazy mystical happening but I've never seen one anywhere else for sale or otherwise, ( granted I've not sat and stared at ebay like a dog waiting for a beloved master to arrive home ), due to the elusive nature of them I cannot find any information anywhere as to the value of such a beast. I've a burning desire for a Les Paul standard and am hoping the sale of the X-plorer may contribute towards a proportion of the cost.


Sooooooooo In brief, what I'm asking for is help with any information on the second hand and well used value of it, OR is it a rare model and should keep it under the bed as an heirloom for the kids / the midlife crisis when i take to the stage to reform the old metal band.


any help would be greatly appreciated

the kindest regards

Nathan Peach

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