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My Fretwire Conundrum


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I started rambling on this in a Thunderbird thread and thought I should save ksdaddy the trouble of moving my post.


As some of you may remember, I bought an Epiphone Plustop a couple of years ago. Love at first sight and first note played. Sounded VERY Les Paul-y.


The frets started looking a little off after about six months of playing it for an hour or two every other day or so. Couple months later, I inspected them closer, and the rounded frets were getting flattened by wear. Last time I saw that kind of wear on a MIM Strat similar in price over here, it had been played 24/7 for a good decade. We're talking six months here.


The price of a re-fret would be half the price of the guitar, and I eventually got a 2017 Tribute on sale. It's a superior guitar, even if I had to part with my very last penny. As Revolution Six would be all to happy to chime in, there IS a difference. But...


What bugs me is that I think the Epi sounds great as well, if not as good, and is a beautifully built guitar with flawless binding and everything - and it's relegated to beater. Or, rather, I play the Gibson more, because the Epi still intonates great - but that's because most all the frets are as worn!


This, of course, means that selling it to someone who doesn't know better would be highly unethical - and I don't really want to part with it either, because apart from the fretwire, I really dig it. But I can't afford a re-fret. Basically, the fret wire is solder.


Is this something others on here recognize?


I feel a bit funny posting this, but I see people on here psyched about picking up a new Epi for cheap, and feel they should be aware of my story, seeing as a re-fret isn't cheap. Yes, you could dress the frets, but if the material's so cheap from the get-go, you'll be in the same boat six months of.


Or is mine a one-off?

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