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  1. The Premium Soft Case is actually pretty well constructed and protective, at least from impact. I agree with you, $1000 should equal a hard case. It really should. But if you look around, a lot of brands don't offer hardcases for $1000 guitars, and haven't for ages. Fender might be an exception. I'm not a Fender guy, but I totally respect how they respect their customers, with sane prices, premium import models, and cases for US models.
  2. You may have to wait longer, unless they had it in the store when you ordered it. But very cool. Does Epiphone ship with softcases now?
  3. I Murphy Lab'd one once. Wish I'd kept it, would've been worth a good fifty bucks now.
  4. You'll need thicker strings for C#, for one thing. First, bear in mind that nuts are cut for the particular gauge strings the guitar came with. On some guitars, you can get away with switching back and forth and have no issues, but that's not always the case. Bridge saddles tend to be more forgiving. First thing you should determine what string gauge to use. I'd guess 11-52. Then Google for a string tension calculator - you change E-0.46 to C#-0.52, and so on, to calculate the total amount of tension on the neck. If it's more, you might need to tighten the truss rod a little. Less, loosen. Same or about the same, leave be. Adjust for the new string tension and replace the strings. If you're fine with the string height, no need to mess with the bridge. Then you'll need to intonate. It sounds like you're new at this, so what I would suggest is take the guitar to a luthier for a setup of your choice, and have him walk you though the different steps. None of them are difficult, all of them intimidating at first, and better to spend fifty bucks AND learn how to do a set-up than mess something up, learn nothing and have to shell out hundreds in repairs. You can and should watch Youtube videos on each step, but it's worth the extra expense and the safety of knowing it'll be all right. Trust me.
  5. They're also a lil generic when distorted. I'd probably go with the 339.
  6. 1 to post the Chinese Epibulbs are now as good or better than the American ones?
  7. Sweetwater probably means it will be set up right. Haven't played one but have seen one, and I can tell you the Smokehouse Burst is gorgeous. Jaw-droppingly so.
  8. Pinch

    Price increase

    Gibsons and Epiphones are back-ordered almost a year here. "The pandemic." Yeah, every driver in the world died. I know it's a mofo, and I either have antibodies or the vaccine will stop me from ending up in an ICU, but... really? They should fill a truck with Gibsons and let me deliver them. I mean, I'd never post here again and would be untraceable, but these are new uncertain times.
  9. Nothing. Got talked into drink and I won't do that again anytime soon.
  10. Pinch

    Win 11?

    That's crazy. But not unexpected.
  11. I'd like a Warlock if it had fret markers. Their current line doesn't. It's a travesty, I tell ya.
  12. I swear by Gorgomyte cleaning cloths for fretboards. No need to use steel wool and masking tape, it's awesome!
  13. Good to know I'm not the only one. Although I've let go lately. Well, to a degree. New guitar + OCD = not fun. A tip for setting up a guitar or adjusting something if you have OCD: pretend it's someone else's guitar you're working on. You cut back on accidents. There's always a first ding. You didn't ruin anything. You got a scratch on brand new nitro. It's very, VERY susceptible to scratching when it's new. Impossible to avoid if you're playing it, really. But I know... OCD is not logical. The guitar is fine, though.
  14. E-mail her back and tell her you're her new life coach.
  15. Actually, age has everything to do with being old πŸ˜‰ On topic, I guess medium height. I want to hang it lower, but it doesn't really work for me.
  16. I learned that the hard way. My TR works, but it's Murphy Lab'ed.
  17. Some time off can def. do you good at times... You come back hungrier, so to speak.
  18. The Standard was $2600. That's not a share, that's a chunk.
  19. I love Epis's, but ever since I got my LP Standard this year...
  20. Oh, I guess I misunderstood/read OP too quickly.
  21. Hard to believe you're a Slash fan, mate πŸ˜‰ Gorgeous guitar...
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