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Hello from Finland


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Hi all!


I´ve been a fan of Gibson guitars since I strated playing guitar. At the time I had poster of Slahs where he was holding his Les Paul. Since that day, must have been twenty years by now, I always wanted to get a real Les Paul. Back then I didn’t have enough money to get me one so I setlled for Gibson SG. It turned out to be a stunning guitar.


Now I own a Les Paul traditional HP version and a Gibson Custom Les Paul 1959 reissue. I love them both! It feels great to achieve one of your childhood dreams and even though this wasn`t one of the biggest dreams it still feels amazing.


Because of those guitars I want to play more, practise more and become better guitarist. I think they have done their job 😊



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Hey Finland! You said it best, these really do inspire us to play more. Which of your guitars do you prefer over the other and why? Or can you even say one is better?


I really can`t 😊 it depends on the day and the mood.

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