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1982-3 EPIPHONE RIVIERA #2032098

Lord Philip

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My 1982-3 Epiphone Riviera from Japan's Matsumoku factory. SN: 2032098 stamped on back of headstock. Label inside still says Kalamazoo, Michigan. (thats so cool)


I play this guitar. It's in very good shape (not mint! it's like 35 years old) and has the original Epiphone HSC.


It has the "volute" ... classic Matsumoku detail I'm told.


It's stock. Notice no "E" on pickguard or headstock.


I recently upgraded the pickups to Seymour Duncan JB59s ... new caps, wiring, etc. Of course, I kept the original pickups.


The guitar sounds great ... absolutely beautiful tone. Different than my Gibsons. Smoother.


I've seen references to this serial number online. Perhaps its famous! LOL!


Anyway ... I'm not selling it any time soon.

post-88643-013183800 1532700457_thumb.jpg

post-88643-080158900 1532700486_thumb.jpg

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Your Riviera is an '82. The first number is the year and the second and third give the month. 203**** = March 1982. I have an '83 model 305**** = May 1983.

Mine differs from yours in that it has the white TRC and scratchplate and is completely stock except for the control knobs which I changed for gold bell type knobs. I kept the witch hat knobs 'just in case' but I have no intention of selling it.

I bought mine new in 1983 as a backup for a mid sixties Gibson 335 I had at the time but found I actually preferred the sound of the Riviera which is why I've never even considered changing the pickups to anything that would, or could, have a more Gibson like tone. I also preferred the neck shape which was chunkier than the 335 I had.

Condition is probably 8 to 9 which is pretty good given that I gigged it for fifteen years. A minor ding at the top of the neck and a bit of buckle rash is all. Even the frets have plenty of life left in them. The original case is pretty scuffed though. As I said previously, I've never even considered selling it so it hardly matters.



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Just out of curiosity, other than the bling factor, how does the Rivera differ from the Sheraton?


If we are talking about the early 80's models with stopbar tailpieces, then to my knowledge the only main difference (other than cosmetics) is the pickups.

The Sheratons have Maxon MMK-75 humbuckers which I believe are higher output than the Maxon MMK-61 humbuckers in the Rivieras.

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