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So, playing my Waterloo WL-14X, I recorded a verse of a Hurt style country blues version of "You Are My Sunshine" that I got from Stefan Grossman - thanks!


First I recorded it with my Neumann KM184 mic then various pickups and gadgets....all direct to my mixer/iMac.



1. Neumann KM184 mic.


2. K&K MIni


3. K&K > Tonedexter


4. Baggs M80 (click is from bass string too close to string - needs adjusting down but I left it to show what happens.


5. iRig


6. Baggs M80 and iRig together - the iRig gives the M80 a bit of mic air.


7. Schertler Mag + S Mic. (Mag will always be on, but I have the mic wound up full)











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