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ES-225TD Restoration


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Hello good people. This is my first post and I'm really seeking some guidance on a restoration / refurb that I've been asked to do. See the photos for more detail but I have a 1956 ES-225TD with all original everything as far as I can tell. The owner believes that it has been refinished because he's only ever see blonde or sunburst versions. As far as I can tell it's had no such work done. Serial is V8034 17. Laminated maple body...top and back. The owner has asked for a full refinish and replacement hardware and I've just said hold off a minute until we verify whether it has actually been refinished. Thoughts from those in the know would be much appreciated.

post-94113-047255700 1535970327_thumb.jpg

post-94113-069302300 1535970460_thumb.jpg

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A couple comments and a question.

What KSdaddy suggested sounds plausible. The guitar would look better with period Gibson knobs and either blonde or sunburst refin.

Which of those two is the owner requesting?

The burst may only require refining the top??


The owner has requested a sunburst and I had suggested that we only do this if the finish is in deed not original. I live the lacquer checking and the back and neck look perfect for the guitar. If we push ahead I'll only do the top and sides to put it back to the original sunburst. He's also like the headstock redone as this was stripped as well, it's also walnut stained rather than black.

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I think it looks awesome as is, except for the Teisco type knobs. And someone will give you $20 for them on ebay. I bought a basket case 1959 ES-125T from someone here on the forum a few years back and it had been stripped and stained brown with no clearcoat. It was a sweet box, with the 1959 fatter frets. I should have just left it alone but I sold it.

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