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Hi Everyone, help identify this vintage Classical please?

Ignorant Bliss

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Hi there people, i'm a long time Gibson fan, and up till now had a couple of lovely electrics - proud owner of a 1980 LP Custom and a fabulous 1974 355TD.


However, i just stumbled across a vintage Classical, which doesn't seem to fit any of the descriptions i've found of th C-series, and i wonder whether anyone can help identify what it is that i've bought?


It's lived a little as you can see, but it is still dead straight, with a fantastic action and of course has beautifully rich tones.


The serial is 544227, which is stamped, rather than a decal.


Any ideas?











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It's a C-L which was their most basic model. Solid spruce top, laminated mahogany sides and back, 3 piece mahogany neck, single inlaid rosette strip, no binding whatsoever. ladder bracing, black headstock decal instead of gold. The model was made from 1967-1970. The nut appears to have been changed, as they were originally black plastic.

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Thanks for the quick response ksdaddy, it seems you have first hand experience with one of these - i checked your repairs on your site, some great work there fella.


And Grampa - whoever has owned her over the years has certainly played, and played, and played her and it's easy to understand why - she's as sweet as a nut! just lovely. she looks like Willie Nelson's back-up guitar! =D>

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