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My DI recording pedal board set up. Anyone else?


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OK so I guess I will start with this, I have had the board for years and never set it up. I just drug out the ones I wanted to use and put them in a box and took that to the studio. So now that I have my own little studio at home I wanted to bypass my guitar amp totally because I record late at night for the most part. Recently I was in search of a piece of gear I could go DI into my interface with for recording. I found that with the Tech 21 RK5 which is the red multi effect pedal at the lower left of the board. So anyways, I drug out all of my stuff and bought some velcro and finally put this thing together. The heck with buying a 150 dollar power brick, I just went to wally world and got the power strip for 20 bucks and it has 2 USB chargers as well and mounted it to the board with the correct adapters for the different voltage pedals. All of the 9 volt stuff is ran with a daisy chain. I wanted an eq and flanger but never had any experience with the small mini style new pedals. So I went to my local shop and they are selling the little pedals now. I purchased an EQ and the Flanger which are name branded as Toms Engineering and man I am really pleased and they are not expensive at all. So minus my Vox wah, this is the set up I use for recording now without any guitar amp whatsoever and I could take it for a live show without and amp too. For bass tracks I just plug DI in as well. I am very pleased at how nice the sound is without a real amp. I used to be the type that would not ever be caught without my tube amp out playing. Now I think it is neat I can get a sound as good and better in some ways than my tube amp with this thing, Technology has come a long ways . Anyways so just thought I would share. So if some of you want to share your pedal set up rig and tell us about it, I am all ears. Show a pic too if you can.



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