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Who is the info person here about speakers?


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I have an late 80's / early 90's Fender M-80 amp with a single 12" speaker. There is nothing that i've found on the speaker stating the ohms. I cannot find a data base on the fender site or anywhere else.


Would any of you know of a site where I can find this info out? Since our last move I cannot find the book that gave all the specs.


I've finished my amp build and I need a speaker to test it out so I need to see if this M-80 speaker (all it says is "Fender special design") would work in my new amp - I cannot fire up the amp fully without any load.

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Is it the 80 Watt version or the 100 Watt version? Bass or guitar amp? with chorus? Fender used to make so many variations of each model it is really hard to find the correct info...


Most probably 8 Ohm.


Fender used to work with 4 Ohm speakers in the 70s but most of them were 8 and 10 inchers.


You have any pics?

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I believe the amp was advertised as like 92 or 94 watts.

I just took some pics, but man I must be tired because they all turned out blurry.


I'll try again tomorrow.


It's a guitar amp without chorus.


The external speaker out plug says "8ohm minimum"


I've not thought about dumping it even though it is way too loud for most things I do right now.


Here's the only pic that wasn't too fuzzy:





8ohms is what I'm looking for.

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