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Lost Allen Nut


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Help! I have lost the middle allen nut/screw for my 2017 Les Paul HP. It has a Titanium Zero Nut. It simply fell out while i was changing the strings and disappeared forever.

The nut is just being held by the strings. Is there a replacement to be found? I don't know the size of this allen screw, and i'm pretty sure it's a Gibson made part that can't be regularly found in a hardware. I have emailed Gibson customer service and no reply 4 weeks now.


Also, i don't live in USA/Canada, i'm in Trinidad and Tobago. So the hardwares aren't stocked or carry the stuff like Home Depot and Lowe's, etc.


See picture below. Middle allen screw missing. Need replacement. Thanks a lot for any help or suggestions.



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Believe it or not, the titanium nut will stay in place very nicely with no hardware whatsoever.


But if you like, I will hunt down the hardware for you and mail it to you, gratis.


It's good karma, and it's almost Christmas anyway.


Just PM me with a good mailing address.




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Just to update for any future persons who need the same help.

I contacted Gibson via their inline email chat on their help page.

After a few weeks, and some back and forth questioning, they sent me the screw FedEx under warranty.


2nd issue came up soon after, the low E robothead tuner in the tronical tuner broke... stripped gear. Sweetwater themselves sent a replacement with FedEx and it's on route right now.

That was just because they had a spare in stock in their repair department. I was told Gibson stopped this tronical tuner business, and may not have in the future when others break.

I love this tronical thing, but it does require more care and every time i have to service it or change strings, i must read the manual for instructions. It's a complicated little computer there.


Thanks for all the help guys.

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