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Blueshawk pickup setting


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Has anybody changed the pickup heights on their Blueshawk? I am finding it very easy to overpower most of my amps and trying to decide if I need to adjust heights or just turn down volume of output?


Any favorite settings to be able to strum some basic chords and still sound clean when needed if vol is at max on guitar?




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The Epi Blueshawk Deluxe has very hot P-90 Pro's, unlike the Gibson BluesHawk that has custom wound Blues 90's that react more like a JazzMaster. Interestingly one of the most commont upgrades on the Gibson BluesHawk is to put standard P-90's in it. To get the Epi Blueshawk cleaner you would need to lower the pickups a bit and the neck pickup usually needs to be lower than the bridge pickup to balance the sound, particularly when using the pickup selector switch in mid positon. Also if you are accustomed to using humbuckers on your amp you may need to turn down the gain and turn up the volume a bit to reduce preamp distortion... Most of the time I have the Varitone switch disabled but kick in position 5 or 6 to punch a lead through.. The Blueshawk has a very wide range of tone selection, you just need to experiment to find what you like. The tone is the most telling when playing live with other people..


I have several P-90 powered guitars, my Epiphone Blueshawk is my favorite followed perhaps by my Gibson BluesHawk or maybe my SG's...


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