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Happy New Years New Amp Day.


A friend from work, a fellow who I have sold a few guitars to over the years, (for ridiculously-reasonable prices), gifted me this Crate GX-30M just the other day.

A sort of Christmas present.


It had been collecting dust underneath his desk for the past few years, it's too loud for his wife's temperament, and he thought that I would enjoy it.


I only just today decided to check it out, clean it up a bit, and put it thru its paces.


Built some time in the late 1990's, it's a slice of Solid State goodness.

Loud as hell for at 30w 1x12, and the tonal varieties offered are truly impressive for an amp that retailed for around $300 back in the day, and that which would only go for $120 today.

It's got an onboard spring Reverb, and a pretty tasty analog Chorus.


I've been enjoying the heck out of playing thru it on this New Year Day, and I'm really stoked about the very notion of discovering Solid State tone shapes, gain settings, and some 'fresh gear' 2019 songwriting.


(Yes, I just crafted a weird, quirky riff in D Major that has quite a hook!)



Thanks to Rick for a really thoughtful gift.

And thanks also to Crate for making such solid, long-lasting gear.






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