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Need help identifying ggibson epiphone


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Hi my friend is selling an old epiphone for £50 (he doesnt know anything about guitars)

ill describe it best i can



looks abit like that but has 3 pick ups a pick up selector and another toggle switch underneath that

it has a sticker of a code on the back and another sticker which says made in korea

it has epiphone written on the head and also gibson

and the jack is on the side of the guitar it doesnt have a tune o matic bridge its the one like on a strat

does anyone know if its real ?

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Completely different guitar there.


Thats a 1990's era Epiphone Em-1 Rebel


Very much like the Gibson M3

More here






Epiphone EM-1 Rebel


Features & Benefits

Scale Nut Length: 25.5"

Nut Wide: 1.68"



Pickups HB/Sgl/HB

Hardware Gold

Scale/Nut width 25.5" / 1.68"

Neck Material Maple

Fingerboard/Inlay Rosewood / Dot

Body Material Alder


Unique Switching here:




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i bought the guitar and the block underneath the bridge had snapped so ive replaced the block with one from my other guitar its a bit smaller but it fits and yet the whammy still doesnt work the bridge is raised off the surface like it was before as you can see in the pictures but its not as worse


the guitar only works thru the amp if the volume is on 10?

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