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Any one have any info on Gibson "THOR" bass amps from the late '60's? There's a post over in the Amps section of the forum, but I thought I would post one here just to see if any other bassists have seen, heard of, or had any experience with a "THOR". I just purchased one and it should be ariving next week sometime. I got it mainly to be a conversation piece - thought it might be fun to have to go along with a Thunderbird. It's a single channel, all tube, 50 Watt combo with a 2x10 cabinet. My guess is that it's roughly a 1967, as I found a '67 Skylark online that is cosmetically almost identical.


Here's a picture of one (not the actual one I'll be receiving).

I'll post some actual pics and a brief review when it arrives.




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Well it arrived today!


I modded it to add a speaker out jack and a line out. I ran the line out through where the input jack #2 was, keeping the origianl jack and wiring intact inside. The only physical mod I made was to drill the hole for the speaker out jack on the back.


Honestly, this amp is overpowered for the 2-10 cabinet. The cabinet is only about 12" deep, and is not ported. It sounds thin and bitey. However, when the "head" is ran into an Ampeg 2x15 - its really big and clear and loud! Its got a surprisingly "modern tone" and loves the bridge pickup on the T-bird. It sounds best with both bass and treble all the way up. Rolling off the highs makes it sound flat and "cardboard-ish", not warm and deep like you might expect. This amp also didn't really flatter my P-bass with flatwounds. Not quite the right fit. I'm an Ampeg guy, and would have to say this amp is almonst the polar opposite of a B-15N Portaflex - and I mean that in a good way. It has a unique character to it that works for a well defined and transparent sound. I may replace the speakers as they sound very weak and underpowered. Something bright and boinky like a pair of Hartkes might do the trick.

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Hi raven1844,


Even if your old piggyback rig may lack power and usability compared to today's standards, I must say that your Thunderbird plus your new amp is a very stylish combination! :-k It's a bit like finding a car and caravan, both from yesteryear, and using them together.


I don't know if you play live or not, but if I were you I'd use this amp and place right behind me, it where it is clearly seen. Then connect a second cabinet like you decscribe to get a more useful sound. And everyone would tell me I'm so stylish! =P~


Are you using tape wound strings on that T-bird?

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No - I haven't used this live. I usually use my Ampeg SVT's, B-100, or B-15 Portaflex - or maybe even a Fender BXR 300C, but I doubt I will use this live. Maybe for an acoustic show. It's more of a coffee table / conversation piece than anything! lol




I did find some more info on it... I was able to get a hold of an actual Gibson Sales sheet from 1968:






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I added some different knobs to the THOR today. The amp only had two of the original knobs, and those did not have any kind of indication line as to where they were set. I searched the web for actual replacements but to no avail. So, I just used some cheap "vintage style" knobs from Radio Shack. They look good from a distance, are similarly styled like the originals, and you can tell where they are set at. If I ever find some correct replacements I'll swap them - but these will do for now. At least they aren't all mis-matched.



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