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Will anyone who has a Blue Silverburst Robot guitar that doesn't want it sell it to me?


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I am heart broken every time I see the GOR going for sub 2K. But the market is speaking and right now it is saying "we don't want them GORs".


So let us appreciate what we have for the true beautiful instrument that it really is.


Mine has found its place in my home for the long foreseeable future, and after me, my son will be taking care of it.

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Yeah when I see them going for that cheap I almost want to buy another ;). I'm just really in love with the look and feel of it' date=' even without the "robot" part. [/quote']


That is how I feel. Most people who dislike the technology of the Robot cannot go further and listen to the instrument itself.


Like I have written before. I think Gibson knowing all eyes were on them made it with more care than normal and turned out a great instrument that commercially would showcase the new technology of the the time.



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