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Fingerboard Width


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Hello All,


Are the fingerboards on the Custom Shop historic models narrower than the standard line up?


Here are a few close ups. It looks like the modern neck has a little more to it.

I noticed the high E string slipped off on the two 63 335 reissues I tried.

post-98690-064427800 1555733037_thumb.png

post-98690-020852900 1555733049_thumb.png

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Good question. It does look that way.


I had a look at the Gibson.com models pages. I found the details for neck width but not string spread.


This is quoted for a ES-335 Dot



Nut Width 1.69" / 42.85mm

End-of-Board Width 2.24" / 56.92mm


There are no modern ES Custom shops on the page. Though Rabs posted this link for back as far as 2015



Someone here will have an idea as to string spacing (I am sure I've seen it quoted on site specs before). StewMac always have fully dimensions diagrams for replacement bridges. That might be worth checking out until an expert shows up.

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