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DR Dragon Skin strings...anyone else tried them?


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I picked up a "two sets for one" pack of these for £15 from my local guitar shop...I thought I'd give them a whirl on my '41 RI SJ100 which is one of my main live guitars. I slung a set on just now ready for tonight's gig and am REALLY impressed with them. They're coated but don't feel coated, and sound absolutely huge. So much bottom end! Really nice bell-like trebles and smooth, complex mids too. 

Has anyone else tried them? Looking forward to using them live tonight!

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1 hour ago, Joe M said:

I tried them way back when they first came out, really didn't like them. They felt like Dragon Skins (😉), very rough feeling. Thought they sounded ok, just couldn't stand the texture, Maybe DR has changed that??

I certainly didn't feel any roughness that I noticed-they feel very similar to D'Addario EXPs which are my go-to string for most guitars, just a touch heavier (54 bottom E rather than 53 etc). If there is any roughness there I'll certainly be aware of it by the end of two hours of gigging tonight...will report back!

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