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'84 explorer


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I got one and I love it and I hope you were talking about the Reissue/unoffical Hatfield model. It's on of the Best Playing/sounding Gibson's I own. When I first got it, it was real sticky and I really did not touch it until after about 5 or 6 months of air Drying at room temp, until it hardened a bit. I'm really glad I waited, no Problems now.


I've heard and played one with a PA-2 Boost and I think it was run on 2---9volt Batteries (the factory one ran the Boost and 2 other ones where wired for the pickups) and It was unreal. But I can't get myself right now to modify my.


The only thing that's bad on mine is the 5 or 6 knots in the wood on the front. I'm not really anal and you can't see them unless you look really close in Bright lights, So it does not bother me. The paint on this one is really, real thick. So thick that I can not make out the Serial # and have not even registered it yet because of that, and it has not yellowed at all so far. It's just over a year old now.






P.S. The Ebony Board and the inlayed Gibson Logo, are nice touches on this one.


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Looks very nice. I'm not interested in reissues though.

Mine is an original 84 explorer and has yellowed to a creamy kinda white. had it since 1994.

Have fitted EMGs to it but have subsequently refitted originals. Were they dirty fingers??? It is now back to former glory.


My question was really about WHY was it different to explorers from every other year? What do you lot think about em? and the general feedback etc..... Why was it only made in 84?

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