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  1. Thats exactly what I meant. I found an old RCA Radio at a pawn shop and it was loaded with alot of old caps mainly old dubilins 001s
  2. How much did a soild 9 pounder cost-ya
  3. I'll Explain it to-ya It was a good piece of wood Bad piece of wood 8 to 9lbs gutted or Swiss Cheesed
  4. Perfect Well said and I agree
  5. I consider u saying/Questioning the weight of my personal opinion by asking and Saying " Just so as we all know how much credence we should attach to your comments can you expand on how much long-term experience you have where weight-relieved Les Pauls are concerned? CREDENCE WTF? I Have over 75 Guitars now. Maybe more lost track a few yrs ago. Have been playing about 35yrs and was just about raised in a bar in and around the Chicago Blues curcuit. In areas that u wood crap ur pants coming and going from at 2am. I know my Gibsons. I Know guitars
  6. O.K Mr Poppy Now U Say I Dont know what Im talking about. How did this get personal with u giving me personal shots.. One thing for sure If we met face to face. You/d change ur Tone. Bottom line I perfer the tone of a 8.5 to 10 or 11 pound soild body Guitar. Not a 8.5 to 10 or 11 pound swiss cheesed or Gutted varaint but I do love my ES 335 Artist and other Hollow bodies with a good sized maple center block
  7. OK Mr pippy. Its all about the Wood. The tone wood that costs money. The pre-mo lighter tone woods costs alot more, frick-in alot more and the cheeper heavier stuff that requires Gutting that sacrifices tone is cheeper.It seems to me stuff might just be drying up and what was around 30 to 50yrs ago is just gone and what used to be produced a nice mid heavy tone and was soild.Not so anymore with gutting.
  8. What a Bunch of Crap their Saying Now. I Dont care Im gone speak my mind. Its all about Money First they were doing the 8 or 9 holes without telling anyone and still selling it as a Soild body and started doing this in about 1987 I think.They said way back then it took extensive research for the placement of those holes and the guitar overall sounded better. All Crap for Money. They hurt the sound of their Classic Baby. Ever play a older Jap real soildbody that comes in at about 8.5lbs that dosent have any swiss chessing going on or complete gutting to the point it looks like a 335 under an airport X ray machine or Damn just about everything coming out of Korea these days They dont need to completely gutt their soild bodies like Gibson does because of the different wood thats used. They keep-em completely soild and they sound really good and come in at about the same weight as a gutted Gibson and dont get me going on why the hell uve got to spend upwards of 3 or more thousand dollars to even get a long tenion/better neck joint Dont get me wrong I love Gibsons and have had-em for over 30yrs Just cant get with the newer stuff they have been putting out for a long while in the pual line-up I just love the SGs its still a Soild Guitar and my Fav the Explorers & Flying Vs. Why are they all soild through-out and just a little bit more that a SG i just cant get past the neck-throughs knock offs that are around 10lbs and sound and feel soo much better
  9. Enen with the 6 way you still cant get all 3 pickups on
  10. The Extra hole looks to of been another Input jack for a Stereo Effect for running it into 2 Amps. If you look close u can see the old nut Impression. Their was no metion at all of any Hogging out material.body under the pickgaurd
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