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Jimmy Page Wiring?


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I've really been thinking about having my LP rewired like the Jimmy Page model. Does anyone have their Les Paul wired this way? If so, how do you like it and what pickups did you use (since one must use 4-conductor wired pickups)? Also, is there any way to rewire the Burstbucker 1 & 2 pickups to 4-conductor wiring? Thanks

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I did it in my new Carvin CS4C (single cut LP style), rather than do my '89 LP. Used Dimarzio AirZone F-sp bridge and AirNorton neck both nickle covered.


Got a Dimarzio specific wiring diagram from their tech support email guys. Got a couple clarifications and dove in.


Used Alpha 500K push/pull pots, switchcraft toggle.


A pic of it in this thread pre-mods (no pics with me at work).




Splitting is great and the parallel and phase switching make for the most versatile sounding guitar I own out of 10. Middle/single coil both and out of phase super thin. HB's middle parallel BIG Fatness.


It's something I'm not going to have a ton of practical use for but, it really can set the creative feel off in a different direction with a pull of a switch, If you want to nail JP in several ways, having this switching puts that in your hand. Few guitars could do the same thing without this wiring.


And, you might be able to get a pro-guitar shop to mod-your BB's to 4wire but it would probably cost ya. But not sure if it's really doable.

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Be careful with that mod... you dont want your giutar to get munsoned...



(had to do it).


Well said. You're right. This is pretty complex as far as PU HotRod wiring goes. I've got some years under my belt. A novice might be brought to tears.


I should have cautioned. Work your way up to this one modding Squiers/Epis etc. and such first if you're a little light on experience. Two years ago i would not have done it myself.


I had a great outcome, but did even have a snag. Did the mod after days of very little sleep but couldn't wait once the parts came.


Ended up with a short i couldn't find until i actually did get some sleep. Found it next night in 5 minutes. Bare Bridge PU sprague cap wire touching copper cavity shield. Easy fix, rockin thereafter.

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A good guitar to learn wiring on are the cheap Strats. Man, those things are like Lego, you can customize them till the cows come home. I even managed to get an old one that was USA-made. I like the way you can swap all the electronics with a simple pickguard change, I can do it in less than 30 minutes now. It's like a new guitar everytime.


I am working on making an "everything-pickguard" with 3 humbuckers, all coiled tapped, so that I can get a Strat setup and typical dual/triple humbucker setup and other combinations I have not even thought of. So far, I have not been able to find a wiring diagram for this project on the internet, so I am going to rely on my experience to get me there, and my experience is not much, but I am confident that I can make it work.

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Soo right. Totally fun too for deviant toy freaks. Endless hours of childlike tinkering !


Another tangient is finishing. I did a Carvin kit and found an amazing appreciation to the skill and labor required to produce a factory looking finish.


I have rodded the guitar in question more than even the kit set up but the finishing put me on my heals and makes a $300-$500 base charge to achieve a quality finish seem like a bargain when you look at the costs of high quality instruments.

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