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Any body see this website?


This guy claims that everything Led Zeppelin put out that was live was edited. He has bootlegs of all three night of the '72 MSG shows and says the concert never happened the way the movie was. He goes on disect every song. What didn't work out was recorded later and footage was shot on a stage back in England. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Zep Fan (especially live) and Page is my all time favorite guitarist, but this is interesting.

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It was typical of the era to go back in the studio and re-dub a lot of parts, for films or live albums. That's why Dave Mason's album of the mid-seventies was called "Certified Live", there were no overdubs.


Two cases in point that are well documented, the Allman Brothers "Fillmore East", and the movie and soundtrack album of The Band's "Last Waltz". Gregg Allman has stated publically that he went into the studio and overdubed all the vocals on the "Fillmore East" album, and Levon Helm says that he is the ONLY one that refused to go back in the studio to overdub his tracks on "The Last waltz".


Most of us know how studio albums are "created", the same TRICKS spill over to videos and live albums.

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