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  1. I jave a McCarty, a lawsuit single cut and a custom 24. All good guitars a pleasure to play and own Edit - should read pre lawsuit single cut
  2. Lets see top five guitars you know this changes almost daily right but today ELECTRICS Warren Haynes Les Paul honey burst nothing sprcial but my go to don’t need to protect it James Trussart single deville - all steel dragon Gibson ES-335 wine Taylor T5 Koa Fender Telecater diamond Anniversery - dont know why this one buti like it Or any of my les pauls really go in and out if the lineup pretty much for no reason ACOUSTICS Mcpherson sitka/koa Gibson hummingbird 62 Gibson J-45 Phoenix guitars custom koa cutaway 000 The cocobolo 000 I made in luthier school And I love m
  3. Just wanted to say hello lounge, some of you that have been here for a while might remember me. II used to be on here allot, same old same old with me although I’m selling more guitars then I’m buying now. Heck Ive got my guitar herd under 40 now.
  4. Action Needs a Audience - Jimmy Eat World
  5. Nice work I enjoyed reading through all of these since i have not been on here in quite a while.
  6. Just stopped by to see if anything was new it's been a while, good to see some of the old timers still around as well as some new blood. Hope everyone is doing well and there guitars are treating them nice. I still have a few but I did slim my herd a bit I'm down to about 40 now most are Les Paul's with a double handful of acoustics and some of my own still I've made a few more but life keeps me jumping. Be well Retro
  7. Duplicate see I said it's been awhile
  8. Amazing pictures and story and that must have been cold as hell but exciting. As a avid surfer my whole life that would be a dream come true.
  9. Looks really nice - that said if you ever decide to try this again you might want to get the solder from a jeweler supply store and get true artist grade silver solder. It can be obtained in three hardness levels soft, medium and hard and the amount of heat needed to melt it is different for each one. It's harder to apply medium and hard because of the heat requirements but when finished it's actually a bit harder than any other solder. Lead is a toxic substance true but to fear it is unreasonable, it's not gonna kill you if you touch it. Just like so many things it got a bad name when i
  10. I was being air lifted in a chopper after wrecking my squad car in a pursuit, the chopper hit a power line and went down in a field. Luckily I was fairly stable by then and secured well so my injuries weren't any worse. But I'm guessing that when your rescue helicopter crashes it's a bad day all around. Oh and that's one of three chopper crashes I've been in lol. My poor wife always wants to take a helicopter flight in Hawaii I'm like yeah I'll pass.
  11. Very nice and you had pretty animals I was fly fishing for trout and are cam had Javalena, coyotes and a bobcat your look cuter
  12. Is it for my own use or performing in public for me I don't like playing cheap guitars they don't feel as good so I honestly feel i play better on good guitars that stay in tune and don't buzz or rumble. A amp is less of a issue to me just because I so often play through house gear but that's just my answer now closer to the end of my playing not the beginning.
  13. Interesting post and about what I would suspect I'm clean but cluttered that sounds odd I know, but I can't abide filthy but as a artist I like to se my stuff because I'm a visual person so. Hate everything in boxes and put away so clean but lots of stuff around in the room I control. My wife is psychotically clean she is one f those that cleans house before she can go anywhere in case we die she wouldn't want anyone to see our house messy.
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