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Any good guitar stores in Dublin?


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Hey Shrimer,


I don't know of any myself, but I'm sure there is a guy that Jinder sold a guitar too (who's name I have forgotten, sorry buddy!) who is from Dublin... If I remember his name I'll let you know so you can PM him. Sorry I can't be anymore help!

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Y'know, I'm pretty sure Jinder is from the UK, maybe London? Can't recall. I just know there have been a few forumites from Dublin area.


Thanks anyhow.


Fred, hoping to catch Bono and the boys.....

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I'm from Dublin!


There are a few guitar in Wicklow street street - which is off Grafton street.

And then around the corner in Drury street there is Musician Inc. - although this may be relocating to a really extensive location on the outskirts of Dublin call X-Music. This is off the M- 50(Dublin ringroad), but would be worth the trip if you can get there.

Also close by in Dublin city centre is Waltons on Georges's Street - these are the main Gibson stockists!

Across the Liffey in Capel street is Goodwins - These stock Martins and other interesting stuff.


I hope this helps.




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